Wednesday, November 02, 2011

the garden menace

hey everyone

well, after a rather busy time posting in October, let us see what crops up to feature in Novemer here, shall we? up front, i am going to start with a picture that i perhaps should not share and may well get me into some bother with some quarters. my view, though, is that it is essential to the latest excellent story to tell of a certain in-no-way-grumpy-at-all-ever gent.

here's a picture of my sister Gillian, which some of you may note features her in her pyjamas.

there are a number of things there that the more astute will have noticed. these would include, if you go on the source of the lighting, the position of the sun and all that, the fact that it is clearly very early in the morning - hence the clothing, i suppose. another observation would be that she's stood in the garden. the easiest observation to make, i suppose, is that she is not quite as happy as she could be about the amalgamation of all of the above.

so, for what reason could she find herself in the peculiar circumstances intimated at above? there is a case to answer that with "do you even need to ask", really. but let me put you in the picture with a picture.

yes, that's right, Gillian has had the benefit of Dad visiting her for a couple of days!

a visit from Dad invariably means him pottering about, either bothering things in the kitchen whilst everyone else is asleep or fiddling with some garden rennovation. as far as i know this one is a first, as it's not usual for him to start ripping up people's gardens whilst they are asleep. he normally waits until they are slightly asleep before commencing total rennovations.

letting him just get on with it is always the best thing to do, and to be honest leaving him to it whilst you just sleep sounds like a class idea. sleeping, however, whilst he is tearing out trees that have presumably offended him in some way could be, or clearly was, quite a tricky thing to do. especially when he starts throwing the offending tree away in an entirely random direction like some sort of battering ram.

and if you somehow slept through that, best of luck trying to snooze through him whacking the soil back into a "more acceptable" appearance.

Dad usually enjoys doing this sort of thing on his own, but does not mind people helping him in projects like this, in particular as the rest of the house is now "all awake".

i would imagine that Gillian and Grant would have been happy to voluntarily help out Dad at a more reasonable hour. however, Dad has a "flexible" approach to what you could consider a reasonable hour to be, really. it does not look like Grant had all that much of a choice in getting up and helping out, going on the below picture.

if i have interpreted the above pictures correctly, it seems that one of the trees Dad threw made it all the way down the impressive looking stairs. as Dad was "done" with it he wasn't going to have any more involvement with it so i presume Grant had no choice but to get out of bed and shift it!

you may very well be tempted to ask him why he does things like this. it is, after all, a little out of the ordinary for someone to wake up at about 4 in the morning, decide that the garden in general and the trees in particular in the garden where you are staying offends you and thus go off to tear them all out and re-imagine everything. well, you can ask him if you want, but the likely answer will be him just turning up and doing the same to your garden, wherever you are in the world. proceed at your own caution, then!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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