Wednesday, November 02, 2011

how peculiar

hi everyone

a few months ago i noted that an online store down here called Kalahari were apparently keen to limit the amount of potential customers they had by making their site work with only certain browsers. if you have any interest in reading this i suggest you click that link first, or otherwise just carry on with your life and come back when there's something more interesting.

someone, 5 months later, has posted this as a comment on the matter :

Reason may be that with the newer versions of websites coming out with css and javascript etc does not support ie6.

The best is to always stay up to date with your browsers and updates.

If you could have accessed the website and wanted to buy or find some information, it might not have worked and by then you might be angry at the company, where it is not their fault, but yours for not being up to date.

Internet explorer gives the designers of today a load of hell, as it is the most unfriendly browser towards websites.

Hope you understand


erm, yes. i am going to assume that this was well-intentioned and meant well, to be honest. but it seems to miss the point somewhat.

this is the 21st Century. if you want to try and dictate to people which browser they can or cannot use to visit you and - this is important - give you money, then people will simply go on to another site that are not quite so selective. as it happens, verk requirements and to an extent constraints meant that i could not use a latest, fancy browser as they so wished. if they are not interested in making the site backwards-compatible allowing me to see it, why on earth should i struggle to give them money?

there's also the idiotic decision to promote the fact that you cannot see their site with an image of his holiness, the MC Hammer. i have just had a look at my watch and it is indeed 2011, not 1989 - Hammertime seems to have elapsed.

thanks for the concern and comments, Wynand, but most of the fault would seem to be with the owners of that website than with those who wish to do business with them and find they cannot.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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