Monday, November 28, 2011


hey everyone

a bit of a belated update, really, i intended to post these around the 24th of this month, which indeed would have been apt considering a hefty chunk of the content!

William, off his own bat it would seem, has developed quite an admiration, appreciation and wish to constantly watch the exploits of Captain America, or Merikar as he tends to call him. not sure why of all the comic book heroes that this is the one for William, but "it" is what he is. perhaps it's because it's really the only one James, up to now, has not been all that fussed about!

to amuse him, Michele made him (and indeed James) a most excellent Captain America 'shield' thing to play with. i have tried to get a picture or two of it, but haven't done as well as i could! here we go anyway!

yes, taken off the magic of my blueberry, as you can no doubt tell.

i must say that Michele did, as ever, an absolutely excellent job with the Merikar shields, as indeed she did with William's pirate hat and James' Cat In The Hat, erm, hat. the latter is visible to the extent that this is what James is colouring in!

and no, if you are asking, our house is normally nowehere near as clean as it may appear in these pictures when the two of them are busy with a project!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!
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