Wednesday, November 02, 2011

a day with Daniel

hello again

well, this is post number 5 or 6 today, i think! blimey! after a brief detour with some of the posts below this one, you may well be pleased to know we are back on the subject of Grandad entertaining some of his numerous grandchildren over in New Zealand.

whereas Katie was taken on a most splendid trip to the Build A Bear place, it seems Daniel wanted to head off and do "boy things" with Grandad instead. no bad thing, really!

one such thing, it seems from this first picture, would be going off and getting a rather snazzy tattoo, presumably in celebration of New Zealand's recent triumph, on Daniel's arm!

there was also, it seems, reason to go for a nice walk around the town and the beach! i am sure Daniel looked forward to a day of ice cream, play parks, toys and what have you.

there can be no doubt, though, that Daniel was just happy to see and spend time with Grandad. so he presumably wouldn't have minded a day of visiting a variety of turf accountants, book, CD/DVD sellers and of course agricultural outlets that specialize in selling items for the members of society who wake up to find they all of a sudden dislike the placement of certain trees.

it seems there was also time enough for Daniel to change into a more appropriate outfit for going to have a spot of lunch, and quite possibly wine, with Grandad!

that above picture is an excellent one! well, they are all good, but some are more excellent than others of course!

it seems that Grandad also found a good amount of time to show Daniel how one or two things work in and around the garden.

Grandad cannot be in New Zealand quite as much as he would like to, so it is good and to an extent reassuring to know that he is ensuring someone is trained up and ready to remove any insolent trees or eye-offending items in the garden. the earlier in the morning Daniel does it the better, of course.

well, that shall do for now. i have several (hundred - this is Dad, after all) more pictures of New Zealand, but i suspect that is enough updates for one day!

just good to see all had an ace time!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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