Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (on the stock market)

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well, there hasn't been much news on the much anticipated The Dark Knight Rises film for a while, but here come some new pictures! quite strange really - i am no expert, but it seems that the amount of time they are spending filming this is considerably longer than usual. oh well, i have no doubt that Mr Christopher Nolan has been given the margin to "do what he likes" with the shoot, such was the critical and financial success of the previous two.

the first picture here is innocent and not giving much away enough, but you are hereby advised that *** MASSIVE SPOILER WARNINGS ***
apply from here onwards!

as far as i can work out, part of Wall Street, New York, is currently being used as a stage for some scenes set in Batman's stomping ground, Gotham. and what a stomping ground it is too, for it looks like some sort of major battle takes place there.

and it would seem at the centre of the battle one shall have The Dark Knight and the one they call Bane go at each other!

somewhere previously i've updated some similar looking pictures of the two in battle - a wild guess would be that they have gone and filmed some more for the same scene in New York, presumably to have something quite specific in the background. your guess, however, is as good as mine. unless you happen to be Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale, under which circumstances i would guess that your guess is considerably more educated and perhaps better than mine.

and, just for good measure you would presume, it seems that Catwoman features in this battle!

i'm pretty sure that this is the "Batpod" she has her hands on, unless there is some sort of "Catpod" developed for her?

as for the last picture, well, it seems that Bruce Wayne is in the film too. what a surprise!

with the way that The Dark Knight ended i'd be expecting more Bruce, less Batman, to be honest.

it would be fair to assume that the actual shooting of this film must be close to complete - i am led to believe that soon we shall get another trailer or something along the lines of a brief "prologue" featuring with some cinema releases. if this is the case, i suspect not too many more pictures from the set shall be featuring here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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