Friday, November 18, 2011

birthday party time!

hi everyone

well, i suppose there is a case to suggest this update is a little bit late, really. however, if i did these things "on time" or closer to it there's a compelling case to suggest that would be even more unusual. there's something of an apology, if you want it, hidden with in there i imagine.

onwards to the considerably more important part of this post, which is to say why this post is here, and it is with delight that i remind all that Katie, the eldest of the grandchildren of South Fork, recently celebrated her birthday! i could tell you which birthday she celebrated, but that would presume to rob amateur detectives of working it out, so instead i shall present you with a clue in the form of a picture first!

a quality part of a birthday at this age is, of course, celebrating. this is conventionally done by means of a party. to this end, Katie's Mummy (and quite possibly Daddy) converted their home (now missing a tree or two, as you may recall from earlier posts. unless they just put them back once a certain gent had departed) into a most splendid party palace!

as for the details of the party itself, it seems that Katie wanted it to be of a rock and roll nature. not, perhaps, the rock and roll of a Liam Gallagher, or Primal Scream for that matter, with the latter famously refusing to land at Luton airport as it was not "rock and roll enough". no, it seemed that Katie wanted it just about rock and roll enough as can be expected for the age of those involved in the celebrations.

which sort of covers the tribute to Sigue Sigue Sputnik Katie showed off with her excellent hair for the festivities!

i suspect that Katie has no idea who Martin Degville or what a Tony James is, however. the outlandish hair is probably related to High School Montana, or Hannah Musical, even. you know, one of them things that crop up on Disney as a sort of quasi and heavily sanitized variant of Grease for the kids of today. they are probably quite good, but i have not seen them.

the fact that i haven't seen them doesn't matter, really. Katie and her crew presumably have (many times, no doubt), and thus partied away in the spirit that no doubt Katie was hoping for!

looks like class fun!

i am led to believe that Katie's intention was for the party to be an all girl affair, but one boy, it seems, did sneak in on the guest list. i imagine that you could guess who, but if not, here you go!

nice one Daniel, and what a quality outfit! i have no doubts, to be honest, that one day Daniel will also wish to arrange a birthday party with an all girl guest list, but that's another story.....

glad to see that the birthday and indeed the party went rather well, Katie! who knows, one of these days we may make it over to celebrate one of them!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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