Tuesday, November 22, 2011

where are they now? Nassie edition

Hey there

well, every now and then one hears news of a dear old friend. today, however, i got a bit more than news, i got some rather interesting pictures.

the more frequent, longstanding readers of this site shall no doubt recall Nassie with as much fondness as i do. we have, at random, here shared tales of his
unusual but interesting hairstyle direction, and of course along with Jayson he helped install the current vibes machines which is still working perfectly fine in my car.

Nassie has quite possibly been doing those things above still, but he has also been doing something quite different and rather admirable. here are some pictures he sent on to my much respected and admired colleague at verk, Vivienne.

this was all for a charity fundraiser for a cancer trust, which is as good a cause as any to support. i am not sure if Nassie is visible in the above picture, but he certainly is in the one below. he is, if we remain in the business of honesty here, the short one below.

erm, great to see you looking healthy and happy, Nassie! i am sure that a number of my readers shall be delighted to see the above image, my chum Spiros in particular!

good work, Nassie, and thanks for forwarding on to Viv permission to put these pictures here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!
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