Thursday, November 03, 2011

the boys and their haircuts

hey everyone

well, as hinted at a few posts ago, the boys - get this - requested that they have their hair cut last weekend! normally with James it takes a good deal of convincing and a degree of bribery to get him to have a trim, i think in this hot weather he's starting to sense the benefit of a shorter style of hair!

as for William, this was his first ever haircut. he really seemed to like it, too!

now, showing you their haircuts has proven itself to be quite a task. i decided to try and use the proper camera for a change, and that's where the job got a bit tougher. neither of the boys particularly care for the high powered flash Sony decided to put on it. to give you a clue as to how strong it is, the bright white light generated from the flash looks and feels a bit like the special effects they use in films to represent a nuclear blast. i imagine that various miliary types use this particular camera to flash wayward dictators out of bunkers, sewers and other class hiding places, really.

the result, then, is that the one decent picture i got of James features him in a somewhat "Colonel Kurtz in his compound" style!

yes, i know what you are asking - why, then, for goodness sake, did i not simply elect to take pictures during the day? well, firstly William flat refuses to take his class Reni hat off whilst the sun is up. and secondly, their waking daylight hours are mostly spent playing as Anakin and Obi-Wan out of Star Wars, which involves an enormous amount of bashing each other with lightsabers.

i did manage to sneak one or two pictures with the flash armed, fully operational and ready to wipe out everything in its path, however. getting them to pose at the same time as i did this was, alas, asking a bit too much.

that one above probably looks better than a posed image would have turned out anyway, really!

William eventually found the flash to be somewhere on the amusing side of funny, and was giggling away as i tried to take a picture!

well, that's the best look at their shorter hair that i have been able to get thus far! i have the "proper" camera batteries charged up now, so i will have a go at getting a few more pictures taken over the weekend! Grandad is about, so no doubt he will have the camera at the ready too when we pop over to South Fork!

hopefully all is well wherever in the world you are!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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