Thursday, November 10, 2011

more from New Zealand

hi there

on a recent visit to South Fork i was taken somewhat to task for the lack of inclusion of certain photos here. they were some pictures from New Zealand that Dad was "surprised" to see left off my updates. well, of the several thousand that he sends on, somewhat more than a few do get left behind, and i think he has come to a gradual acceptance of this. he did, however, ask me about certain pictures not being here.

the main reason i left them out, as it transpires, is that i never got the pictures. when he started asking why on earth i didn't show Daniel playing the piano a penny dropped of sorts, and my answer was "because i have not seen one of Daniel playing the piano". not a further word was said, with actions speaking louder than, as it were, and he promptly set about sending some pictures on.

here, then, is Daniel playing a rather lavish looking piano!

and, after (or possibly before) a spot of piano playing, it was time to go riding with Pat who is a Postman, or if you will Postman Pat!

that looks like a most excellent ride! as indeed does this next picture, showing Daniel and his Grandad crossing an unspecified body of water in a ferry. well, it might be that "Bay of Plenty" or something, i am not as clued up as i could be with the geography of where they went. near Auckland, i would imagine; near the coast i am pretty certain.

now then, is it just me or in that picture above does Daniel look like he is giving a crafty flick of the V's? why on earth would he be doing something like that?

well, i have an idea, really. it is based purely on Grandad's account of the day, and a clue is in how unhappy Daniel is looking in this next picture.

according to Grandad, the above was taken during an "excellent" new game he had thought of. please note the use of the word "excellent" is a bit dodgy and questionable. apparently Grandad thought it to be a rather good idea to distract Daniel, then run away and hide, leaving him alone in a park in the middle of Auckland. the above picture, then, is taken by Grandad from his hiding point, which i am led to believe was some trees.

erm, yeah, that does sound good, Dad. i would like to, however, take this opportunity to assure you, dear readers, that we normally only take James and William over to Grandad when Grandma is there to try and add some refining qualities to these "excellent ideas" he gets every now and then.
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