Thursday, November 10, 2011

some sunday at South Fork

hi everyone

well, at last i have a moment to upload a few more pictures and tales from the busy Sunday we had, just a few days behind us. i have already pretty much covered the images of swimming at South Fork, so time for the rest to be shown off!

here's Grandma and Grandad opening up their veranda roof thingie, in the presence of James who, you may note, does not look all that happy. the two are somewhat related.

after many goes at it, James had managed to land something from the garden on the roof, you see. whereas James was exceptionally proud of how dynamic and indeed far his throwing skills had become, Grandad was not quite as impressed.

i know what you're thinking, and yes, it is slightly unusual for Grandad to grumble, moan or complain, but for some reason he felt the need to do so over this matter.

ho hum, at least the day was not entirely spent adding things to the copious volumes of lists of things that might make Grandad a bit grumpy! there was of course the time and margin to play on the vast grounds of South Fork.

James and William are, it seems, almost playing"together". oh sure, there's still that thing going on where, despite them having hundreds of toys available to them both will wish to play with the one toy at the same time.

i think that William's ever increasing ability to talk is helping him and James get on and play rather well these days. and, i dare say, William's ever increasing ability to look cool in all circumstances helps!

nice one William, you look like you are ready for Heaton Park next year with that most stylish hat!

a little later and it was time for William and Grandma to go and see what James was getting up to with Grandad. it certainly seemed to be interesting to William!

as it turns out, Grandad and James were busy forwarding on the pictures from New Zealand i just posted here a little while ago!

it was very kind of James to help Grandad understand how the computer works!

and there's part one of a very busy Sunday over and done with! after this we went on further visits, pictures of that to follow soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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