Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the in-laws

hi there

well, as much fun as it was to try and see what things might make Grandad grumpy, we could not possibly have spent the whole day on Sunday at South Fork. it seemed to be as good a time as any to go and visit my beloved, dear family-in-law. kindly note that any sarcasm you detected in that last sentence, not that i am saying it exists, should be limited as applicable to my mother-in-law.

instead of having people slaving away in the kitchen, when we go and visit Monica (for she is my dear mother-in-law, lest we forget) it is usual for us to bring some lunch with us. usually that would be KFC, really. however, as Natasha and a very significant percentage of her family were joining us, it meant - get this - double the usual amount of KFC we take over. nice one!

as you can see, i was rather happy about having so much KFC near me! James too was rather happy.

that's Brandon and Skyla in the background, by the way.

as much as i would like to think that James was happy about the veritable mountain of KFC we had at our disposal, i think the truth was that he was happy to get to see and indeed play and mess about with Dylan!

as for young William, he was delighted to see one of his cousins. Jade, alas, had been taken ill, so of the twins only Skyla was there to enjoy the magnificence of the KFC. and indeed the cake that Natasha brought, which William took a particular shine to.

with William and Skyla enjoying cake, James and Dylan messing about with games and Brandon watching some sort of wedding show that Monica felt the need to put on TV (thanks for that, Top TV), Monica and her daughters were able to just hang around and chill in the kitchen. the perfect place, then, for me to grab a surprise picture!

now, i know what you are thinking as you look at the above picture. indeed it has been a while since Kenneth Branagh turned his vast talents towards another superb Shakespeare adaptation. if he were to do another, say for instance this play, would he at all consider hiring the above three for three minor yet significant parts in the production? i could not possibly comment on that, realy, but i could and indeed have suggested to you that you think about it!

well, after lunch and watching a bit more of the wedding shows that Top TV seems to survive just to screen, we headed home. the electricity, for those of you following the whole story, came on eventually, about 30 or so minutes after they said it would. it did, however, go off again, then came back on. and it has more or less stayed on ever since, bar one or two further outages. ho hum.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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