Monday, November 07, 2011

Mr Medals

hey everyone

well, i don't know about you readers, but over here we had an exceptionally busy weekend. as i remembered, for the most part, to take the camera with us as we went here, there and everywhere - even taking actual pictures with it - there are quite a few things to update this blog with! will do my best to get everything up "soonest"!

our first stop, rather early on Saturday morning, was James and William's daycare/creche/school place. the reason for going along on a non-school day was for the usual prize giving and awards. whereas William is not quite old enough to engage in all the activities yet (although he is keen to get going), James very much is!

here he is showing off the 3 medals he got!

he got four certificates for all the things that he does, and i am led to believe that yet another medal and/or certificate is on the way! well done son, we are always proud of you but even more so at the moment!

for certain members of the family, yes i did indeed "video" the presentation of the awards, including all the wonderful things they had to say about James! i shall forward the footage on later in the year, after they have performed their school concert!

William might not have been up to get any awards or certificates at this stage, but he was certainly happy to watch the show and the presentation with Mummy!

after the presentation it was time to go and get something to eat. sort of an early lunch, really, or perhaps a really late breakfast for Mummy & Daddy. "brunch", if you will, but as i have neither a pony tail nor a pair of bright red braces i cannot use the term with any sense of honesty.

James wished to go off to anywhere we could think of that featured a massive playing area. we had not been before, but we figured now was a good a time as any to try out this Papachinos place that everyone assures us is excellent.

as it turns out, the assurances were spot on! we had not made a booking (didn't know we required one) but we managed to sneak it. i am not surprised they are busy and popular - exceptional food and wonderful play areas for the kids!

James and William were in their element with the three different playgrounds on offer, with William taking a particular shine to the slides.

and when i say "particular shine", it was the case that William had no hesitation at all giving other children a little / large push down the slide to let him get back on it!

if for some reason you think i am kidding or exaggerating this, please look carefully at this one of James.

yes, that's William's feet either side of him, getting ready to give his big brother a shove down if he does not get on with it! look carefully again and you can see the tip of William's beloved Reni hat over James' shoulder!

sorry for the last two pics being of the quality that my blueberry phone delivers; i did not wish to mess about with the camera in case i had to catch one of them doing something that they probably should not have been!

well, that's what took up a busy Saturday - as soon as i have a bit more energy i shall do the updates from Sunday and beyond! well, not too far beyond.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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