Monday, November 07, 2011

Dutch fireworks

Hi there

the following image, ladies and gentlemen, is an image of the garden of the notorious Harlo Gang, taken at some stage yesterday by a resident of the Harlo Gang's club house, Andrew, and sent to me via his blueberry thing.

what happened there? well, Andrew informs me that in order to celebrate both Bonfire Night and Christopher's birthday, one of their Dad's mates (their Dad being my Uncle Colin, lest we forget) brought with him "about 300 Dutch fireworks for the kids to play with in the garden.". and play they did, it seems!

i have no idea what is so peculiar or special about Dutch fireworks, but they certainly seem to leave a substantial amount of evdience behind in respect of them being ignited. it is, i suppose, reassuring that in this day and age of over-cautious, health and safety mad concerns that some parents are still quite happy to shove their kids out into the garden with a whole bunch of gunpowder in combustable packaging along with a box of matches.

thanks for the insights, Andrew!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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