Friday, November 25, 2011

Pop Would Eat Itself

hi there

i am indebted to a friend on the internet for pointing me in the direction of this article which as you will see is the first part of a series. in short, it looks at the rise of digital recording and what have you, along with all (since Sony is involved) mistakes and strange decisions taken.

there's a certain amount of technical speak involved that, to be honest, i don't quite understand myself, but there's also many interesting insights in the article. like, for instance, how Betamax got recycled as part of the digital revolution, and indeed how "digital rights management" and anti-copying ideas were thrown about long before either CD recorders were on the market or indeed before anyone thought to make something called "the internet" and make music somewhat freely available on it. it also sheds light on why, from a quality perspective, CD shall always be better than compressed "downloads", legal or otherwise.

if you have the slightest interest in how digital recording came to be, or indeed how music is recorded and produced, this article really is essential reading.

many thanks to the one they call Bob for sharing the link!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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