Friday, November 18, 2011

i know someone who went to Montreux and all i got from them was a picture of Freddie Mercury's a....

Hi there

Montreux is a celebrated place for musical events, as you are no doubt aware. one of the greatest performances ever seen there was, of course, Frankie Goes To Hollywood's return in 1986, when they performed Rage Hard and Warriors Of The Wasteland at this hallowed venue.

oddly, and this shows that strange Swiss thinking is not limited to Sepp Blatter, they have not built anything or marked the Frankie event anywhere near or around Montreux that i am aware of. they have, however, erected (as it were) an impressive statue of one of the other notable performers to grace the place, the late great Freddie Mercury.

i have been sent a picture of the statue, but a picture taken from a most peculiar and unconventional angle.

and just who is it that would send me such a picture? have a guess, or just look at the below.

nice pose there, Dad - i am sure it is what Freddie would have wanted!

i have a feeling that many more pictures of here and Geneva shall feature on this site over the next few days........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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