Monday, August 21, 2017

ode on ome


lest, look you see, i upset someone, some caution and advice with this one. whilst variations of the level of such are possible, the answer is yes, smoking is quite bad for you and ill advised. you would do well in this world not to establish an addiction such as what i have, dear reader. so no, none of this is any form of encouragement or endorsement; rather just for the interest of those within the same predicament as i have placed myself. placed with regret? maybe.

my chum Spiros, the celebrated internationalist and the gentleman widely regarded as the greatest legal mind of his generation, has once more been on his travels. well, i suppose if he didn't travel then he would not be quite so celebrated as he is in respect of internationalism. anyway, a most splendid and very welcome attribute to such travels is that he very kindly picks me up some fags. fags from nations where they do not have the punishing, prejudicial and draconian taxation approach adopted here in the UK.

any and all such cigarettes are always widely welcomed.  whilst normally Sprios would collect for me my cigarette of preference, my most beloved Marlboro red, from time to time he opts or otherwise elects to instead get me the kind of thing he thinks that i, if i must insist on smoking, should be smoking instead. like, for this instance, these.

yes, as you can no doubt see clearly in the above Commodore 64 celebration,  Spiros spotted and so selected some cigarettes called Ome for me to sample, although the "e" is supposed to have one of them quasi Frenchie, certainly continental little lines over it.

many of you may well be in a rush, but nonetheless feel compelled to get the gist of what i am going on about before departing. for you, then, the executive summary is that Ome fags are surprisingly very splendid and i would not hesitate to have them further, assuming that i do not for some reason either quit or cut down considerably on such smoking affairs.

for those intrigued or, more likely, not so much in a rush and bored enough to read further, let's look at these in more detail. also, as a special reward, there are a couple (precisely two) of images of Spiros in action, more or less.

great in number are the many, many wonderful and beautiful people who like to have a sense of scale included within their images. it is with you in mind that i have included a small, fiddly 5p coin with a packet of Ome and one Ome out, then. indeed these cigarettes are slender and thinner than the norm, with me being led to believe that the term is "superslim" when seeking to describe them. some more detail on this later.

colourful is the key word one would naturally associate with Ome. these are clearly produced and intended for a market where cigarettes may still have individual colours and branding, not like the dready and drab ugly singular colour now enforced in the UK. cheers for that idea, Australia; we shall take that as revenge for Ashes 81 and certain colonial matters.

Spiros was thrilled, delighted and filled to the brim with manly joy when he saw that the branding, or if it is the correct term livery, on the actual cigarettes was pink. he had rather hoped that the cigarette entire would be pink, as he felt that i would look most smart smoking them if that were so. the pink branding is, i would venture, sufficient.

and speaking of Spiros, yes that is indeed he in the picture above. i would have thought you were just about ready for a break from reading of Ome cigarettes and would like to see something else. although why one would wish to deviate from a subject they are clearly interested in does not, now that i consider it, make all that much sense.

yes, that is he engaged in some form of meeting in some form of gazebo, tent, canopy or other such Bedouin style concern. usually his meeting places are decidedly more Byzantine in nature, true, but he is always happy to meet anywhere. it is the least he can do, considering the enormous fees he commands as the greatest legal mind of his generation.

does the above show Spiros meeting men in a professional capacity, or is it the more social side of the man, where he meets men for short term but mutually beneficial friendships? i am not allowed to disclose this. as point of fact i should have done them cute black lines over the eyes of the non-Spiros gents so as to cunningly conceal their identity, but i would appear to have lost my touch with the ways of MS Paint.

the above image reveals something that perhaps many of you would have ascertained for yourself. yes, these Ome cigarettes are indeed made in Greece, or should you so prefer Στην Ελλάδα. whilst the predominance of white might make one suspect they are as point of fact French, the style and the deft use of colour of course precludes any such notion that they may come from a country not known for cultural appreciation. no, surely, the only place in Europe outside of the British Isles who could produce something so stylish is Greece. i particularly like the way the colours all bend in a circular way.

in respect of the business end of these, how are they? i mean, what are they like to smoke? actually, really and perhaps surprisingly very pleasant. no, sure, they are not Marlboro Red, but these are indeed lovely. i feared that the thinner nature of them may make them lightweight, but they have proven to be full bodied and not so much simply satisfactory as enjoyable.

a first or provisional glace at these Ome fags may make you think that they are "about half" the size of the traditional dimension / diameter of a cigarette. should this have been an assumption then there is little ill or amiss with your sense of perception. here's something of a comparison picture, although for reasons of not being that bothered no actual scientific or measured approach has been deployed.

yes, indeed. as they were the one pack of "super king" or 100s fags that i had at hand, the comparison is made with a packet of The King cigarettes, which may or may not be named such in honour of The King, Elvis Presley, but it would be nice if they were.

not quite half size, then, but close. two packets of Ome are nearly the same thickness as one of the pack of The King. a "higher or lower" guess, the kind of which Brucie would encourage a contestant to make on Play Your Cards Right would be that Ome are some 55% - 60% of the diameter measurements of a more standard fag.

those of you who are avid followers of Spiros and his adventures would, i would think, take it as something of a given that when he meets men - often sailors - to form short term but mutually beneficial friendships there is every likelihood that he and his new chum may momentarily remove their trousers. i have always been happy to assume that this is done so that they may compare the craftsmanship of their respective choice of tailor, looking in detail at the cut and the stitch.

fascinatingly enough, from time to time his professional side, the one in which he is contracted at great expense as the greatest legal mind of his generation, sometimes involves the same. he gets the job done, does Spiros, and if that means removing trousers, well so be it.

i did ask Spiros if he really wouldn't rather that i placed the above picture on this blog. he, mindful of the many fans he has attracted, said no, not at all, and that i must go for it. as he so rightly pointed out, many gentlemen of the navy can testify that he has nothing to hide, and so it is with delight that the above image comes your way.

anything else i could possibly say after the above would naturally be a massive anticlimax, wouldn't it? here, then, is another look at Ome in Commodore 64 mode. or at least Commodore 64 mode on my relatively new(ish) phone, so alas no scan lines appear.

would i recommend Ome fags, made in Greece as they are, to smokers? i think legally i am obliged to point out, indeed stress, that smoking is very bad for you, as it has stuff and that it in which might or possibly can kill you, so maybe not. if we still have such a thing as freedom of choice and are permitted to do things which remain legal, however, then yes, absolutely.

as keen as i am to sample and try new stuff, and as much as i love Marlboro Red, if Spiros grabs me some more of these the next time he is off somewhere to do legal stuff / take his trousers off, then happy days, to be sure.

most happy day should this have provided interest to anyone out there.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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