Tuesday, May 10, 2016

is #TSR13052016 a thing?

hi there

and so here we go again. the rumblings and the musings are happening, look you see. reports have surfaced once more that The Stone Roses are ready to unleash on us, the fans in general and the world at large, some new vibes.

oh hell yes, look you see, we have been here before. back in March many of us were all over a brief "tweet" on that Twerker thing which suggested that The Stone Roses were releasing a surprise record. that, of course, came to nothing but some excitement.

why is this day, ostensibly #TSR13052016 i suppose, considering records are now released of a Friday, different to that? well, a few reasons. for one we know that the band are actually recording music, as confirmed by Ian Brown after fans congregated around a studio they were in. on that note, a fan (and i have no reason to doubt them) said they bumped into Mani last week, and that Mani said they should "keep an ear on the radio", and that the Friday to come would be a good day to be in a record store.

also, this all around Manchester as of today.......

these pictures were taken and shared by fans on all that Twerker business - my thanks to them for taking the time to not just record these but to share too.

the lemon slice has become the symbol of the band, and in recent times has come to signify an announcement is due. up to now the announcements have been "mega gigs", which are awesome, but us fans do, in a non-demanding way, have a tendency to wish for something more......

why the excitement, the interest and the buzz? in practical terms we are speaking of a band that released one amazing album 27 years ago (eek!), followed it up with a very good in places but, as their setlists this century show, pretty underwhelming album 22 years ago (eek!) and never had a number one single, not back then when the charts actually mattered. well, yeah, them be facts, but it's The Stone Roses, man. i, dare i say we, wanna hear whatever it is they wanna sing, you know.

what's the new music going to be? it could be some awesome stuff they've been inspired to do, it could be a (barring Ian Brown's solo ventures) collection of out of character cover versions, it could be reworked cast offs from the solo careers of Ian Brown or John Squire, it could be stuff that Reni worked on with The Rub or it could be stuff that Mani did what Bobby Gillespie said wasn't gonna be done by Primal Scream. don't know, don't care, or if you like DFK DFC. just bring it on, man.

i guess i will be off to HMV on Friday then, whether there's any actual confirmation of a release or not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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