Saturday, May 14, 2016

the convoy prophecy

10-4, do you read me, over

it is one of the peculiarities of life that each year, roughly more or less exactly at this point of time the film Convoy rotates into my existence. oh certainly, yes, there are very specific reasons why this would be the case, look you see, but this year it came about in a most unusual way.

Spiros, i will have you know just as he let me know, had a dream. well, ok, this is not unusual in itself, for all of us dream, whether we remember and recall it or not. it is also not unusual for him to share his dreams with me, whether i wish to learn of them or not. this one was different, however. whereas, for the most part, the dreams of Spiros feature liberal, buck young men, clad in leather, drenched in sweat and enjoying grappling with a roller disco whilst Hot Space off of Queen plays through a suitable sound system, this dream featured the film Convoy. sort of.

in his dream it was the case that, for reasons as unknown as they are inexplicable, Spiros had to procure for me a copy of the soundtrack for the film Convoy. it was for reasons unclear that this was the case, but the only place where he could get it from was a gentleman called Mr Patel.

no, i am not making this up. strangely, this is an actual legit account from Spiros.

i have elected, then, to view this dream as a prophecy of sorts, or perhaps some weird kind of foreshadowing. foreshadowing is the current buzzword for reviewing films and books and that, as quite a lot of people believe they seem clever and better than everyone else if they see what was once called "obvious plot twists" as "foreshadowing", so i am comfortable using the word.

anyway, in fulfilling the prophecy, it was obvious that i thus had to listen to elements of the soundtrack of the film Convoy today, and the internet obliged this in ways which Mr Patel has not so far done.

there are implications to this action of mine, i shall not deny. is it possible that there are dangers too? hard to say. this might be thinking of it a bit too much or too far, but in effect by listening to it i have fulfilled the prophecy, and so it could be said that anything which happens today happens today as a consequence of me having played the soundtrack.

what of the film Convoy itself? well, it's been discussed here on this blog before - if not at length then with some quasi-annual frequency. a quite smart film it is, to be sure, and it is worth your time either watching it, or if this should be the case watching again.

will i be watching the film again today? possibly not. i have, and i am very comfortable in this, met any obligations of me in this regard by having the soundtrack on. and anyway, it's EuroVision tonight, and i will be giving that a bit of a gander, thanks.

many thanks, then. to my bum chum Spiros for introducing me and class 70s films what had massive truck in them into the lurid realm of his dreams. it's going to be pretty exciting to see where this prophecy leads me today.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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