Saturday, May 28, 2016

watching the washing

hi there

those of you who have followed this blog from the start, more or less, will be aware of the fact that being stalked is nothing new to me. it's not something i have ever really worried about, look you see, as invariably all cases people leave their stalking of me to some distant admiration, with the occasional photograph being taken. like, for instance, that episode some 9 years ago, when Trigger stalked me at some sort of music concert. and yes, that episode did indeed led to him being appointed as my personal photographer, so there you go - it's not like all there is to stalking is a downside.

anyway, today was a day where i discovered that i was being stalked from a most unlikely source - my (considerably) better half. she's been quite brazen about it too, for she forwarded on this picture of me, with the boys, not long after taking it.

i must confess this is a little scary. i mean, the implication here is that, by taking and sending this picture to me, my (considerably) better half is saying "i know where you live, and i can get to you". it's all a bit like when certain newspaper proprietors send certain public pictures of themselves asleep in their beds; as if to say "do not regulate us and do what we want you to do or else".

wouldn't the above be all a bit elaborate and rather overtly dramatic for someone who ostensibly lives with me to do in order to put the scares on? kind of, i suppose, but it's not for me to ask too much of why she's doing it, or to what end.

what, for the sake of completeness, were me and the boys doing when this picture was taken? washing the washing machine. it was excellent, man.

it was white wash today, in the literal rather than political sense, and by my word had the boys done quite a number of the shirts they wear as part of their school uniforms. a gallon or so of that marvellous 'vanish gold' stuff is in there, decidedly stripping ink, paint and goodness knows what off of the white shirts. it makes a whole load of foamy bubbles in doing so, and it's always excellent to watch.

anyway, progress with my day, i must.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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