Monday, May 30, 2016


hello there

May, look you see, is a complex month for my family. this would be in terms of both home and abroad, for scattered around the world are members of what would once be called our clan who have reason to celebrate an instance. mostly this would be birthdays, but the occasional wedding or other such festivity is marked during those or indeed these 31 days.

to mark them all on this blog during the month would dominate it somewhat for that calendar period for you. let it be said, then, that appropriate wishes were wished to all who had reason to receive such wishes. it would be amiss, however, not to reference at least one here, and so one i shall.

yes indeed my (considerably) better half celebrated the passing of another year. which year? well, thus far to my calculations she's quite comfortably close to setting a record with regards to how many birthdays one has whilst "in their 20s", but it's nit my place to ask too many questions.

i suspect that the picture above, the one which shows the 75% of my immediate family which you like a good deal more than you like me, will be reason enough for you to be celebrating to. in order to spoil this somewhat, however, here you go, here's a picture which features moi.

that is of course in the mode of Commodore 64. when i shared the above over on all that social network media thing, snapbook or what have you, it proved to be less than popular. perhaps it will get more widely celebrated here, or indeed perhaps not.

did my (considerably) better half have a further "in the 20s" birthday of consequence to note and remember? i would like to think so. sure, it involved formalities such as verk and what have you, but also gifts and cards and cake and other such things.

another look at the three you all like, only this time in a slightly better lit picture? of course.

and there we go for both a marking of celebrations and, one would suspect, blog posts for the month of May. looking back it would appear that this has been a busy month for my nonsense postings. also, one of the most popular ones i have ever had in terms of readership, with some 500 or so of you having a look at what i wrote for that whole The Stone Roses release new music stuff.

what will June bring? we shall kind of find out together. only i will find out first, as it will be me writing it and that. but, in context, close enough to be together.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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