Saturday, May 07, 2016

a message from The Jesus (not that one) to the lesser 19 teams in the Premier League

hi there

well, what a day. a day of triumph, look you see, and not just in regards of any successes which i may have experienced whilst grocery shopping. no, the triumph of the day today must go to my loyally followed, often derided football team, the Boro.

now, then, is as good a time to look ahead, or if you like forward, to the next season. there is considerable stuff to look back upon, but forward we shall go. to that extent, here you go, here is an image for you of The Jesus off of The Big Lebowski.

The Jesus out of The Big Lebowski is the personification of perfection in a cameo. his presence in the film is limited to once scene, and he has but a few words to speak. and yet, close to some twenty years after the film came out, he remains one of the most memorable aspects of a very memorable and highly celebrated motion picture.

of the few words he speaks, those first words he spoke came to mind today as we marched back towards the Premier League. they are poignant, meaningful and very valid words, and are words which should only be heard by a mature audience. but hear them you will if you click below.

i would like to think that someone who dresses as smart as The Jesus out of The Big Lebowski, and that can do a bowling so smart, would be a Boro fan. i have every confidence that those first words you heard in the above clip are the words he would wish to ask of the 19 lesser teams we will play in the league next season.

whilst i don't take any particular satisfaction or joy from speaking ill of other teams the facts cannot be ignored; we are superior.

good luck to the four teams in the play-offs then. i am thrilled not to be part of them and i am truly sorry for the fans that have to endure the process.

be as excellent as Boro are to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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