Wednesday, May 18, 2016

modern adventures in record collecting


just something of a plug, look you see, or a shout out. the 2016 phenomenon of falling back in love with quality music and quality music being released that loves us is, it would seem, worldwide. so much so, in fact, that our friends in Australia are able to access a most splendid guide to their adventures in seeking out and purchasing vinyl.

i am unsure if Tait's Modern Guide To Record Collecting is available outside of Australia. also, i am unsure of whether or not it is of relevance to the people outside of Australia, as it focuses on them and their expeditions around the globe in search of quality vibes. also also, i am unsure if i have permission to use the above image, but hey ho, it's done now and has been done to promote the book.

it's the case that i have not read this, sure, but i have seen an extract, and that extract tells me that this guide has been very thoroughly researched. the international section in particular, as it happens, as virtually any place in the world that an Australian (or anyone else) might venture in search of vinyl is covered......

oh no, that is no mistake or forgery. that is an exact, real thing, and it's absolutely wonderful to see that Mum & Dad's efforts with Old Grumpy's Gallery have been discovered, appreciated and given a very smart shout out in this guide.

if you happen to be in, near, around or on Mount Maunganui and you're looking for some quality vibes, off you go - the locals will be your guide to getting there, or you can just click this link and find your own way.

anyway, let me get on with the evening.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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