Tuesday, May 17, 2016

fortune teller

hi there

this blog post does not, as such, feature anything really pertinent to the world or realm of a fortune teller. it's just the first title which popped into my head. also i am quite the advocate, look you see, of giving the air of publicity to what you might call second or third tier songs off of The Who.

just a quick update on the dominant 66% of the 75% of my family who you all rather like a good deal more than you do me, and as ever you are not wrong to do so. most of the people reading this will have known of me long enough to have become quite tired of my ways, and thus are all the more pleased to learn of other things of other people what are likely to be more interesting than me.

this is indeed young William, or if you like "boy two", which i have briefly adopted as his name, or if you like nome de plume (or however you say it, sorry but i am decidedly not Spanish), to see if it makes the business of parenting any easier. no, this experiment of mine has not gone down at all well, but who said that the advancement of human endeavour was easy?

he is indeed laying out a deck of cards across a table, and doing so with a substantial level of clarity and focus. i would be certain that it is this picture as to why this blog post is called what it is, or something along those lines.

why was he doing the above? because he can, or at least he could. none of us could see any particular reason or sense in stopping him, since he was causing no harm. he also did not ask us to place any bets in relation to the most splendid thing that he was doing, and to be honest if he's stood laying a deck of cards out on a table then he is not off doing something which is likely to result in an item of value, be it financial, theoretical or sentimental, coming to be distressed, broken and irreparable.

a brief pause from my own parenting exploits, if you will, to consider the adventures of my own parents, or at least one of them. is it at all possible, you are probably asking yourself, that my Dad has encountered a bar ice bucket styled in a way that resembles one of the dice off of the cover of Straight Shooter, the legendary Bad Company album? yes.

speaking of yes, is it "earworming" when you get a song stuck in your head, and you keep wanting to listen to it and sing it to yourself? that's kind of what is happening to me with the song Find My Way Home off of the The Friends Of Mr Cairo album by Jon and Vangelis. you can, i trust, work out how all of that links to the word yes, or if you like Yes.

anyway, to the adventures of James, or indeed "boy one" in terms of my most brilliant idea for making parenting a more simplified matter.

if that looks like James surrounded, albeit partially, by kitchen roll rolls, that would be because that is exactly what it is.

in recent times James has developed a most peculiar proclivity for any form of rolled paper. toilet paper rolls and kitchen rolls absolutely fascinate him, and more than once we have had to retrieve the former from his bedroom as and when there was a requirement to use it elsewhere.

when a school project required all the children to take in a kitchen roll, then, James was in his element. he was all the more in his element when they were told that they could take the unused rolls home, and that some of his contemporaries expressed absolutely no wish to do so. apparently he solicited each and every one of his classmates, and asked them if he may have their unused roll. quite a few, as you have no doubt ascertained, were delighted to oblige.

so, to recap, boy two is content if there is a surface on which he may spread cards, boy one is satisfied if he is surrounded by paper that is rolled, and Dad is delighted with a world that has things what are related to Paul Rodgers in it. parenting? nailed it from both sides of the fence, dear reader. yes, Richard, Gillian, i hear you; definite room for improvement in my efforts as a brother in comparison.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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