Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Stone Roses - All For One


so, after much speculation, hope, hypes, false dawns, promises and, look you see, fears of disappointment, The Stone Roses debut their first song in 22 or so years, give or take.

All For One is a throwback, a lovely, whimsical slice of uplifting psychedelic pop. it harks back to the hippy, trippy psychedelia that was at the heart of their inspiration to begin with. also, it's got the usual clever, mischievous, say a lot with a little wording to the lyrics.

a twenty second or so sample of the first play of it off of that Annie Mac woman on Radio 1? sure.

is it the best thing what the band has ever done? no. is it exactly the best thing they could have done right here, right now? almost certainly.

if this hints at what a possible album will sound like, much like Love Spreads did with Second Coming, then we're in for a treat - a real, pop psychedelia album that's made to make everyone who digs that sort of thing good. and that, for the most part, is what music is meant to be doing.

people all over that internet thing are getting really excited about this. one generation under the same groove appears to be all generations under one groove. splendid, most splendid.

do be excellent to each other xxxx

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