Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Stone Roses - All For Seventeen

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there are times, look you see, where i shall look like some sort of apologist in this post, i suppose, or the sort seeking to make excuses. perhaps i am, for it would be all but impossible for me to be objective on anything at all to do with The Stone Roses. i'll try and be balanced, but bear with me if not.

after all the euphoria and excitement of the new song off of the band, All For One, this Friday happened to be the first chart to be compiled at a point where we, the kids, could actually buy the song. would the buzz, the excitement and the enthusiasm for this get the song to number one, and in doing so give the band their first ever number one? no, of course not.

number seventeen it is for the lads, then. not at all bad when compared to their peers, so to speak, for Primal Scream didn't even make the top forty with Where The Light Gets In. but still, people, and the band you'd think, were probably hoping for better.

any reason for the relatively poor showing? certainly. making it a "secret thing" in terms of where you could buy it didn't help; one had to be on social media and following them to see that you could purchase it off of iTunes, and iTunes alone for a few days. also, the 7" vinyl and CD single, with each only featuring the song All For One alone, are only out July 1. and, you know, the fact that the band have given it away for free on things like Spotify and all that You Tube business.

also, a lot of people do not like the song, which is fair enough. actually, it's boss - as much as i love the fact the band are back, many love the fact that once again they can be critical of the band and hurl abuse at them. for some reason, though, abuse at the band was always creative and interesting. the single best review of the song i have read, for instance, suggested that all it was in fact was "Bryan Adams shouting over the theme from Rainbow". that's probably accurate, but what the hey, i dig it man.

all things considered, it's probably just for the best that in the last few years they have, as i've mentioned more than once, fiddled and messed with the chart so much that these days it is, very sadly, all but an irrelevance.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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