Sunday, May 08, 2016

box twenty five

greetings people

and yet more tales of unpacking. no, alas, look you see, we still don't have everything unpacked, some two and a half years after packing up and shipping. in defence, though, most of the stuff what remains boxed relates or pertains to my high sense of materialistic collection.

i had reason to unpack some items today, however. oddly the box of the title was not one of them, but, well, we will get to that story as we go.

it would probably be best to start and the beginning, but we won't - here's a picture of box twenty five which i took after i removed it from its storage spot and hauled it up to my elevated shed.

what i was unpacking was stuff what had numbers on it, although one did not need the numbers to identify just what they were. one of them had quite a ceremonial number, however, so we will have a look just now, but very much for now here is why box twenty five is all of a sudden unpacked.

yep, vibes, man. discs. compact discs, or if you like discs which are compact. i had to move box twenty five out of the way to get to what i wanted unpacked, but decided to look up on my lists to see what exactly was in it. when i saw there were some truly tremendous vibes, i thought ti myself that this box would be a most smart one to have up in the shed as i do writing and that.

can you make out that later of discs? if not, there's on the one side some Talking Heads, some Hendrix, some Oasis and a few Stone Roses Bootlegs. over on the other side is some Led Zeppelin and further Talking Heads. with regards to the latter, in particular there is Stop Making Sense in both its original release and special edition form, with the original release version on right now.

not that it was just vibes in the box. i was particularly delighted to discover this t-shirt was in there too

a most comfortable t-shirt this one is, dear reader. alas i have forgotten the provenance of it; i suspect ether me mum or me sister got it for me, but anyway it is one which was made in china so it is assured of being of the finest quality. yes, i suppose in a literal sense i am a kind of a big deal. and yes it shall be having something of a wash before i wear it again.

a bit of a gander at the next layer of discs of vibes in box twenty five? i see no reason not to.

at the top there's most of Ian Brown's solo career, as well as a bootleg of his first ever solo career. also, some of The Stone Roses, including three copies of Second Coming. why three? one bought on the day of release in England by my Dad for me, one is a "limited edition" version featuring the four track Crimson Tonight live EP bought by my Mum and the other is an "Australian Tour Edition" with a slipcase on to that effect, also bought by my Mum for me, presumably whilst she was in Australia at some point. so no, as it happens, thus far in life i have not bought myself a copy of Second Coming as such.

also there's more or less the complete works of super group Cream, some Oasis and a bit of The Who. in respect of what treasures of The Who are there, there's the first two editions of Live At Leeds to be released on CD; the as originally released on lp six track version and the first "expanded" edition which has, i think, 14 or 15  tracks on. further versions were released, of course.

what was i doing that led to me getting box twenty five out? getting bikes out for the boys. one of which, as it happens, was the first ever item packaged up by our shippers of choice, as you may see in the below.

i suppose it should be mementos or poignant or something that item one of our packing and shipping is now out, but alas no. the bikes we brought are, surprise surprise, alas too small for the boys now, some 3 or 4 years after they were bought for them. but rode them is what they did anyway, since we have a blistering warm day today, to be sure.

the third and final layer of vibes within box twenty five also has some absolute gems, too. well, they would be. why would i buy rubbish, for one, and if i had bought rubbish, why would i then ship it across the seas and over the equator?

up in the top corner you can see Who's Last. that's actually rubbish. it's them live in the USA in 1982, ostensibly on their "last ever" tour, and the performances are awful. Daltrey is as animated and as passionate as ever, but John, Pete and the then recently instated Kenny Jones are the personification of contractually obliged performances alas.

on a better note, the smart 30 Years Of Maximum R&B box set of The Who is there, in the days before for some reason R&B came to mean "sampled rubbish". there's also both editions of Misplaced Childhood off of Marillion, the original 2CD issue of Tommy by The Who, and then some selected highlights off of the careers of Morrissey and The Smiths, although them two overlap somewhat.

i have tried to get images of the CD stands which i have also unpacked with some of the CDs in, but alas on my side it seems that google has rotated them the wrong way. bonus if they come out the right way on your side, but i suspect not.

yes, kids, i know that you can download or "stream" everything, and i know you can invest in a device which keeps hundreds of thousands of songs on it for you and do so in a small space. i just happen to like playing CDs. the quality is better, for a start, and looking at an actual product rather than a folder list is part of the pleasure of selecting and listening to vibes, man.

if your life is all the more easier and better for relying on downloads, streams, etc, then nice one. but i don't see a day dawning where i move away from actually owning the music that i love so.

what do i have on now? well, Stop Making Sense was on, but now it's Strangeways, Here We Come off of The Smiths. an album which, arguably, was the best "we know this is farewell, so goodbye, no more" album to exist right before Blackstar by David Bowie came, sadly, along.

time to finish what i started here with this post then, which is somewhat at odds with the second song on the album what i am listening too.......

hope you've all had an amazing, boss, mega epic ace weekend. more as and when it happens!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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