Thursday, May 12, 2016

a broad definition of north east

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yeah, i know, we're all still very excited about the return of The Stone Roses in a new music sense, look you see, but still the world rotates. and still, alas, it seems that the standards of the BBC continue to drift downwards. time to nitpick, if you wish to see it that way, or otherwise call them to account.

after the disaster of somehow confusing Lineker for Shearer you'd have thought that the BBC would have admonished the staff on the football reporting side, instructing them that no further mistakes were allowed to be made. if such an admonishment happened, i can assure you that the effects of it lasted exactly up until the reporting of games being played on the evening of Wednesday 11 May 2016.

yeah, sure, mistakes can be made with a "live" feed. but also no. someone has typed this in and read it to check all is OK and then pressed "enter" to publish it. and these mistakes are far from typos. but let's have a look in some closer detail, yeah?

i trust that you spotted the mistake? if not, well, i can assure you that Sunderland did score three goals in the match, but the opponents, in real terms rather than symbolic ones, were Everton. yes, that 3-0 win did relegate Newcastle, along with Norwich (more of them later), but believe you me the game was not actually against them. if the match had featured Sunderland vs Newcastle and the result was that and the implications were the same, i assure you it would not have got as far as the final whistle, and fans would now, some 24 hours later, still be rioting and punching police horses in protest.

why does it matter if the BBC makes mistakes like this? because the world trusts the BBC. i was one of millions around the world following the games on their site. for all their political bias, and their alleged cover ups of the behaviour of their staff, one is supposed to count on the BBC for accuracy and journalism of the highest level.

the confusion over which team was playing which is, sadly, not the end of the folly of the BBC from last night.basic geography seems to escape them, as indeed does the rules of relegation.

to be fair, behold, look, you see they got the two teams right. Sunderland did indeed beat Everton; a result which was to be the last for the then Everton manager. pretty much everything else, however, is wrong.

in that last paragraph there the BBC state that their "might not" have been any North East teams in the Premier League next season, but then said that there would be in fact two - Middlesbrough and Norwich.

i would assume that you are seeing the mistakes there. firstly, if not, then the only place Norwich is "north east" of is London. i know the BBC are based in Manchester now, but still their London-centric view of the country persists, it seems. whilst we, as the North East, reserve the right to maybe annex Norwich as our own, at this stage we have not.

secondly, the rules are that if you finish in the bottom three of the Premier League you are relegated. Norwich finished in the bottom three. ergo, Norwich are in fact relegated, irrespective of any debate about their geography. Sunderland, who as the BBC state in the first paragraph, "ducked the drop", and so are the second of two North East teams in the top flight.

i would suggest that even with my poor attention to detail i would do a better job at the BBC, but as nepotism remains rife in their employment policies there's no point me even applying. and yeah, we pay our licence fee so they can pay people to make these mistakes.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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