Tuesday, May 24, 2016

brown shoe in the road

hello there

it is with some reluctance that i bring you the latest episode of a phenomenon which occurs with bizarre regularity. i am somewhat torn, look you see, between the fact that a significant number of you seem to like learning of these events and the fact that they now, in an unsolicited way, tend to have somewhat sinister repercussions for me.

on my travels, or if you like journeys, thus far this week i have once again encountered that most peculiar of sights - a lone shoe abandoned. as has usually be the case, this abandonment has taken place in the vicinity of Club Bongo International; a nightspot of some reputation for the gentry and the ladies.

whereas the last time this happened it was all shiny and silver and sparklies, it's all of a more conserved, perhaps dour nature this time.

one of the more interesting aspects of this abandoned shoe - if indeed there are aspects of interest related to it - is that it's placed in a way as to suggest the wearer was making use of the parking meter at the moment they elected to abandon the shoe. the black, quasi-obelisk item you can see the toes of the shoe pointing towards is, as point of fact, the parking meter in question.

could this be related? difficult to say. perhaps the person operating the parking meter felt like they had to make some sort of sacrifice, or other such gesture, in order to have the blessing of the parking meter. it's possible, of course, that the person paying for parking took the view that they were being charged too low a rate, and so left the shoe as a tip.

also, of course, it could be that a more civic minded sort of rapscallion was combining both abducting someone whilst paying for parking and as part of the balancing of the two the abductee struggled a bit and lost a shoe as a result of the skirmish.

that last point of a potential explanation is a crucial one, and relates to my concerns about sharing this here. it remains, no matter how remote, possible that this shoe is off of someone what got abducted, and thus the likes of interpol, europol and the regular constabulary are looking if not directly for this then some form of clue which this would turn out to be.

i would not want, then, some over zealous fan or enthusiast - and i didn't single out or directly name Mark when i said that - to take it upon themselves to retrieve this shoe from its present place and deposit it on my desk at verk. no, please rather just leave it exactly where it is, and allow nature to take its course.

what can i tell you of the shoe? it's quite brown, is it not? there is some shiny on it, in the form of some gold trim or detail. it's a shoe which features the branding of Guess, a fashion house which i am reliably informed is "like Versace, only better quality, better priced and not just for gays", although i would have thought one was now free and clear to wear whatever one wished in this day and age.

as for why it is that so many items of footwear of varying quality is turning up abandoned on my travels, the answer is, alas, i have no idea. if you'd prefer, of course, you can phrase that as i simply do not know. i shall, however, make every effort to record all such future instances, and trust that no vigilante or other such renegade reader of this blog takes matters into their own hands.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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