Monday, May 02, 2016

Captain America Civil War colouring pictures

hi there

not all that much for me to add, here, really, in terms of text. i just wanted to make available a few colouring in pictures off of the new Marvel film, look you see. and here they are.

i think that if you click on them they go bigger, and are of a decent enough quality to save and print out. i certainly hope so, at the least - enjoy!

people, in particular us parent types, do rather like being able to browse the web for colouring in pictures for the kids to sit and colour in the print outs of. sadly all too many people out there who host colouring in pictures like these run all sorts of adverts, or have you pay to register, or make you download compressed files which can sometimes be dodgy. i figure if i throw a few fuss free ones out there then maybe it will be of help to someone.

not that it is just the kids who like colouring in. far from it. i find that sitting and doing some of these myself is a most relaxing way to spend some time, with it just not always being the case that i have the time to sit and do such a thing. i suppose i should make the effort to make more time.

have i seen this Captain America Civil War film yet? no, but i look forward to it. so far just about all of the Disney-Marvel films have been excellent, and this looks awesome off of the trailers. i shall no doubt end up waiting for the home video release of the movie, for even on a DVD or Blu Ray disc it is a home video.

the V in DVD, fact fans, stands for versatile and not video as some imagine it does.

what Marvel films did i not care for? well, Iron Man 2 was good, but not great. it was more or less an excuse for more Iron Man action without much in the way of a well developed plot. on a similar note, the second Thor film was just plain boring. other than that, all the other films what i have seen have offered ace viewing, and entertainment experiences you can enjoy again and again.

why do our friends in America call these coloring pictures rather than colouring ones as they should? i have no idea. i don't know what their issue is with the use of the letter u, but it's them that are missing out, although in fairness they seem to be getting along just fine without using it.

yes, i pretty much am running out of things to say or write in between all these pictures. the text does not matter i suppose, i just hope that some who want them find these images here. and, of course, have fun printing them out and colouring them in.

nope, nothing much else comes to mind; probably best to just let these last pictures speak for themselves, really.

except to say, am i on Team Captain America or am i on Team Iron Man? i don't know, i am not 100% sure why they are fighting. i much prefer a world in which we all just get along, so hopefully whatever has upset them is a matter they can resolve with a handshake, although not Sepp Blatter style.

and there you have it! once again, for the sixth or seventh time, i can but hope that these colouring in pictures have been of use to you! have fun!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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