Tuesday, May 10, 2016

us white dudes all look the same

hello there

firstly, look you see, many thanks indeed to those of you who responded to my rather sad and pathetic wishes by clicking on my boss soundtracks of 1986 (yes there's the link in yellow again) post in the hope that i may see it in the top ten of most recently read. so far, alas, not enough to get it to chart, what with stories of Spiros dominating somewhat.

on the one hand it is quite distressing to see a blog post about a loaf of bread which had the date of Star Wars day as it's best before marker outstrip in popularity the music of Prince and Queen, but on the other i wrote and posted both, so there you go. but hey, onwards to the discourse of the day today.

most of you would, i would imagine, have little or no interest in the rituals which accompany my breakfast. i shall share an aspect of them anyway, in that i tend to have a gander at the news as i do so. when i did that this morning i was quite surprised to see this mistake off of the BBC

yes, you are reading that right. somehow the BBC confused the grey haired, bum fluffed moustache bearing joys of Gary "did i mention i was off of Leicester" Lineker with the bald, clean shaved to perfection Geordie legend Alan "why aye man" Shearer. and to think that once there was a time when the BBC could be counted on as much for precision and accuracy in facts as they could for blatant political bias.

a theory i have, dear reader, is that Jermaine Jenas wrote the text. whilst i have no quarrel with the lad, and thought him to be a superb player, me mate Fraser would not refer to him as anything but the village idiot. actually, he would use a certain other word to describe him, but i am not permitted to repeat that word here.

the interesting thing here is that as it's a well known white English dude that is the case of mistaken identity it's nothing more than a gaffe, a clanger and a reason to mock and pour scorn on the BBC. had they by any chance confused Thierry "handball cheat" Henry with, say, Nicolas "transfer percentage" Anelka or Rio ""Plug" Ferdinand, there would be screams, shouts, handbags, tantrums and tiaras about how racist it all was. hey ho, the world we created.

right, let me go and have a read of this stuff about how maybe this week is the week on which we will hear some new quality vibes off of The Stone Roses. as is the legacy of that band, and in reference to the above, one generation under a groove man, get on it and why can't we all just get along......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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