Monday, May 02, 2016

the octogenarian selfie project

hello people

as a pretty conventional, standard and thoroughly enjoyable part of my weekend i went, over the course of this last weekend, look you see, to visit Gran & Gramps. this was all after the main activities of the Tour de Yorkshire passing through our village, and so i was able to show them some of the pictures which i took.

whilst Gran & Gramps were both most pleased by the pictures, Gramps was quite curious to know how it was that i was able to get all four of us into a picture and yet it be me that took the picture. to this extent i explained to him the basic principles and procedures which surround the art of the selfie. ultimately, however, i felt a practical demonstration would be best.

yes, sorry for me being in the picture and that, i know you have seen more than you would care to of late, but using the actual phone to let Gramps take a direct selfie himself might have been a bit too tricky for him.

did Gramps like the experience of a Selfie? he was most impressed with the picture, but i can't see him all of a sudden deciding that taking pictures of yourself is, like, totes the best thing ever and wanting to do such a thing every few minutes.

in the interests of fairness, balance and what have you, yes, indeed and of course i also showed Gran how the fine art of the selfie works, too

it's entirely possible that i am being somewhat hasty in suggesting that neither Gran nor Gramps would want to engage in more selfie action going forward. the next time i visit could well see them, for all i know, ask me to get them one of them Nokia iGalaxy phone things so that they may take more such pictures as they go about their day to day concerns.

thank you for your patience with regards to how often images of me, which many of you find unacceptable, have appeared here of late. indeed i shall try to limit that in posts for a little while.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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