Monday, May 09, 2016

call me tiger

howdy folks

more of the kind of thing that you all like to look at here, look you see, as in that it is something what myself does not feature in as such. my (considerably) better half has engaged in further painty doodles exploits, with "painty doodles" being her chosen preference for what she calls her art.

the fact that i coined the phrase "painty doodles" and have attributed it to her without her every using it should, i feel, on the whole, be overlooked. anyway, moving on.

what was the subject of muse for my (considerably) better half to paint this time? why, modesty almost forbids me from saying, but she elected to do a "symbolic" portrait of me. as in, not a direct likeness of me, but something which captured my immense sexual prowess and masterful, awesome like predator instincts. and so she did a painty doodle of a tiger.

ha ha, no. that's not why she did this rather splendid painting of a tiger at all. as fate or chance happened to dictate, the only suitable paints what my (considerable) better half had available to her were the shades of white, black and orange, and so a tiger was a fairly formal choice.

and quite a splendid painting / painty doodle it is too, i trust you agree, although one would suspect that you hardly need me to point this out as such.

throughout modern history there have been several cases of gentlemen speaking the words "call me tiger" to ladies. quite often this happens in what one would consider a sexual setting, and frequently the gentleman speaking it has quite a lot of confidence in their skills and talents for doing a sex.

history has, however, only ever recorded one incident of a gentleman speaking those words and it being in any way convincing or appropriate. well, i say one - obviously modesty forbids me from saying that yes, i do it and it works. here you go with the one example then.

why yes but of course that is The King, Elvis Presley saying the words. and why not.

if you are really bored, please would you consider clicking on and reading the coloured text to go and have a gander at my soundtracks of 1986 blog post. i put quite a bit of heart into it and it saddens me to see, in the light of the deluge of posts i did over the weekend, that it didn't make it into the "most recently read" section to the side. thanks if you do, i understand if you don't.

another gander at the tiger painty doodles of my (considerably) better half? sure.

righty-ho, forwards not backwards, as it were. off i go with the rest of my evening, then, and it is an evening which i suspect involves that documentary featuring dragons, sex midgets, people coming back from the dead and so forth. whilst i know that, as it is on television, it must be a documentary as why would anyone waste broadcast time with a fiction, but do you know i am beginning to think that it's not actually real.

more as and when motivation to do so sees me post here once more!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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