Sunday, May 29, 2016

i can, and shall, obey

good day to you

Spiros has, as he is so prone and want to do, got in touch with me in regards of a concern or matter that has caused him some distress. actually that would be a couple of things in this instance, look you see, but unless you want some really bizarre sentences on the go it's going to be for the best to look at them one at a time.

first off, Spiros had a gander at the blog post i did yesterday concerning the Revenge Of The Jedi and he did not like it at all. he requested that he make use of this blog as a conduit to describe his extreme dislike of all things Star Wars, and to tell you all that he believes that it is something for "twats".

why does he not like it? we've not really discussed it at length, but i think it's due to their only being one character of a clear homosexual disposal, that golden robot one. i imagine that Spiros is upset by the stereotypical presentation of homosexuality through this character. if, as promised, Episode VIII features an abundance of gay characters, i am sure he will enjoy it.

the other reason for Spiros contacting me - not that i would wish to undermine the importance he places on the above - is probably of more interest to you, as it comes with a picture. as he went about his business this week, which is to say being the greatest legal mind of his generation, he saw this most rare of sight upon the Thames, that dearly loved river down in London.

no, you are not mistaken, that is indeed a British vessel of war upon British waters. who knew that such a thing was still possible, in particular after it appeared that the German navy had taken ownership of this particular port authority?

there are those, of course, in this day and age who will suggest that it's "racist" for a British ship to have the temerity and nerve to sail upon ostensibly British waters. but such people are actual twats, and make it the problem of everyone else that their minds cannot function in abstracts.

why is Spiros, as the greatest legal mind of his generation, down at the docks looking at ships so often? despite the pressures on and demand for his time, everyone needs a break. he elects to spend his down time, so to speak, soliciting the friendship of sailors. this is most admirable, as you would suspect a number of them are quite lonely after being out at sea, and thus no doubt appreciate the brief but emotional companionship what Spiros offers them.

exactly why was a British ship on the Thames? not sure. it's possible that it is there ahead of the EU Referendum thing, a subject you are no doubt tired of by now and one that i have pretty much said all that i can say about. if we vote out, which i hope for, then maybe this ship is on standby to suggest to the Spanish that unfair fishing quotas are over, and it is no longer our problem that they cannot manage their own body of water.

anyway, more as and when it happens, dear reader, whether that me to me, our nation or Spiros.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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