Friday, May 06, 2016

passing the time post

hello there

nothing of great or good consequence comes to mind to write as such today, look you see. this is not out of the ordinary for me here, but yet i still feel compelled, if not obliged to do an update. it just, in my mind alone, keeps it all ticking over, i suppose.

what have i been up to? nothing much out of the ordinary or the routine, i suppose, although that should not be taken as a sign of it all being mundane. i have done a good deal more business with mobile phone network providers than i had anticipated for a start, and i am currently discussing with Royal Mail what exactly does and does not constitute a delivery to the correct address.

more on the latter when they condescend to reply to me (hopefully to the correct address), but for now here we go, look what caught my eye in the window of a book shop today, Waterstones i think they are called.

no, not that one to the side and no certainly not the one to the top; the middle(ish) one. yay, a new Charlie Parker character novel off of John Connolly. i do really like this series of books.

yes, if you bother to search through this blog, there have been one or two of them which have been sub standard. the last four or five, however, have been excellent.

somewhat thankfully this new book, A Time Of Torment, is only available in a hardback format right now. i shall wait for the paperback, and hopefully clear the collection of paperbacks i have here waiting to be read by the time it comes out. i am half way through the second of two books required to do a sort of review thing here, and after that i shall be reading the new John Grisham one, Rogue Lawyer, which somehow came out in paperback this week - i was advised it was only being released or if you like published in that format in July or August.

in a post a little while ago i uploaded or placed an image of how The New Yorker paid tribute to Prince. it strikes me as only fair to do the same with the cover NME issued too.

a different approach taken, as you can see, but all the same an approach which shows just how and why we shall all miss him so much. the world is poorer for him not being in it, just as it was all the more richer for the sake of his presence.

anyway, tally-ho, i am off to do things. tomorrow is also quite a big day for the town which is, lest we forget, a "ceremonial" part of Yorkshire......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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