Thursday, May 05, 2016

vauxhall and i


alas, no. as in, look you see, the title of this particular blog post does not allude to the spectacular fire in Vauxhall today, which knacked the trains and tubes and also caused some problems for people voting for the new Boris down in London. also, somewhat sadly, it is not a reference to the celebrated Morrissey album Vauxhall & I. but now that i think on maybe i should do one of them "classic album" posts on that subject.

the vauxhall of this blog, and hence it being used in the title, is all to do with that car manufacturer of the name. no, i do not have one of their cars and strictly speaking no i have not had any involvement directly, as such, with one of their cars. i have, however, recently encountered an aspect of one of the vehicles what they produce. here, look, you see......

yes, that is a shiny bit off what i assume or otherwise imagine is one of them fancy vauxhall cars, and yes that is indeed a reflection of me you can see in the shiny bit, hence this being called vauxhall and i. oh, i know and i agree, rare is it that my titles have that much intelligence to them.

what's the proper name for this shiny bit off of a car? not sure. i think it might be called the decal, since decor feels wrong. badge seems to short change the ambition of it some, and emblem is just a word that is plain crap outside of a game of scrabble.

the above picture was, as point of fact, taken yesterday, which was my second encounter with this. my first encounter was the day before yesterday, as opposed to today, when this item was placed in a somewhat slightly different place.

why yes, astute, observant and regular reader. this shiny item is, more or less, in the exact same spot where the shiny silver shoe of hope (refer to blog posts of April 2016) was discarded and allowed to lay waste until Mark, who i won't single out or name, decided to get involved with it all. he has, thus far, not had any interest in this one.

what thoughts and feelings do i have about this one? well, i am assuming, perhaps hoping, that someone got quite cross with their own car. whilst they were cross i imagine that they ripped this off their car, as if to quell their cross-like feelings, and elected to insert or otherwise erect it within a nearby train as an action of celebrating their victory.

if that is what in fact happened, i trust that this quashed their anger and now they have been able to get on with their life in a more peaceful way.

that stretch or strip of path seems to be developing a reputation as being a bit of a magnet for shiny things, does it not? i'm actually quite interested to see what shiny or silver thing is deposited there next. yeah, sure, of course, no matter what it is, pictures will be taken and shared here.

anyway, off i go with what remains of the evening. if you are interested in what that involves, you need to find better interests but should you insist some channel has started showing all them X Files documentaries about that fella and the lass that run about after aliens and that.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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