Sunday, May 08, 2016

le coq du lac

hello dear reader

after the excitement and, if we are honest about it, getting carried away yesterday, back to the more harsher realities of this blog with the day today, look you see. yes, that does indeed involve, or if you prefer resort to, being a conduit for things what Spiros has seen around whilst on his travels, and wishes for the wider world to see as he sees it.

what has he seen this time? well, as far as he is concerned, what he has seen is a bold, stark priapic work of French artistic statement placed in the Thames, that most significant of London rivers. i am not so sure that is what he has seen myself, but let me not cloud your interpretation of it.

if this indeed the work of the French, that sort of off-grey thing which Spiros has sort of framed with the background if not centred, then i would concede or perhaps yield that it is quite possibly the most French thing, ever. it is, after all, well known, documented and recorded that virtually all French are is focused on the priapic when it is not concentrated on the oedipal,  although somewhat obviously there are distinct parallels between these two cornerstones on which French art has always balanced.

why would the French, with a noted disdain of other cultures, elect to place a work of important French art in one of the dirtier and more polluted sections of the Thames? because, in essence, London is a French city. by the measurement of population, London is France's 4th biggest city, and is considered crucial to results when the French have what they consider to be acceptable elections.

the above is what makes many of the fears around a possible "Brexit" all the more laughable. it is the case that the European nations want and need us as much as we want and need them in terms of friendly relations and trade negotiations. what is not needed is the EU bureaucracy that dictates policy and law alongside it. does anyone really think that if the UK elects to vote for a departure from the formal EU then countries like France are instantly going to demand their nationals leave the country and return home? no, not whilst there is money to be made and important, priapic artistic statements to be made in rivers.

that is indeed the HSBC building in the background. i would not be too shocked to see if this statue or monument, if it even is such, was the work of them and not the French. i mean, the statue or monument thing looks sort of OK, but also it lacks the high quality one would nominally associate with French art.

right, well, anything else that i wrote here would be something of a distraction from your admiration of these pictures off of Spiros, so i will leave you to enjoy.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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