Thursday, March 10, 2016

who is it that can tell me who i am?

hello there

it would, i hope, not be all that often that i use this blog as a platform for anything all that serious. i mean, i do trust that for the most part all that i do here is, look you see, taken and read as the kind of idle or if you like idol distraction it is for me.

every now and then, though, some sort of appeal or tacit cry for help from me is either necessary or just slips through. this would be such an instance, so if you have no interest in such things, please do feel free to move on to another corner of the web. well, not so much "feel" as remember that you can, i suppose.

what's this picture? why, it's me. yes, i just took it quick to illustrate this post with, as some people get quite cross when there are no images.

who am i? just me. i wouldn't care to discuss what it is i think that means. to some i am everything, to some i am nothing, to others i am a few things and to a few i am other matters.

what am i? well, i've been called all sorts of things. some good, some bad, some worthy, some honest, some rather close but off the mark. recently, and yes this is the point i am getting to, i have started to get called something else. something new.

despite the fact that i am not, have not and never will be this, an organization or two out there has taken quite a shine to calling me Steven or if you like Stephen Carr.

i am going to go right ahead and assume something. my assumption is that the mobile or if you like cellular phone operators of England do, as is pretty standard around the world, "recycle" numbers. this is to say that there is a finite combination of numbers which can be used to make telephone numbers with, and so to manage this resource discarded or cancelled numbers are used again. i shall take it as a given that the number i use, which i shall not share here, once belonged to this Steven or if you like Stephen Carr.

i would not really care so much about this at all, really, if only this Steven or Stephen Carr would pull his finger out and pay off his f*****g debts, or pay for whatever it is that he bought.

over the last few weeks i have had a barrage of text messages suggesting that i, assuming that they believe the i be Steven / Stephen Carr, go to a website and login with my details to pay an amount. i also get frequent calls from all or some of the following numbers, with the words i hear when i answer being "hello is that Stephen / Steven Carr" or indeed "Mr Carr"


i am aware of the fact that there's all sorts of things i can do about this to get them to theoretically stop the calls and messages. they would all seem to cost me some, and we will get to that, but first here is a picture of a distinct lack of pies that my friend and colleague Mark sent on. here, you people like pies, so you will like this image of where pies once were but are no more

£3.50 for a pie? that must be some awesome totes brilliant pie, that. i wouldn't think you could charge that much for one even in London, but maybe that's just me. perhaps this Stephen / Steven Carr fellow quite likes expensive pies, and that's why he is in a spot of financial bother.

now then, about getting these calls and text messages stopped. there's the way that this is supposed to work, and the way that it actually works. every time i get one of these calls i tell them that i am not who they are looking for, they say sorry and assure me that the number will be removed from the system. the repeat calls tell you how well that goes.

isn't there a body or organization i could write to or phone? why sure, but that would cost me time and money. it would take them months to go through it, they would conclude "oh it was a mistake, apparently Steven / Stephen Carr used to have that number" and would assure me that the calls would stop. then the same people calling would simply set up another company and use the same data, which would mean i still get calls and texts.

the not easiest but rather only way for this to get solved, then, is for this Stephen / Steven Carr to man up some and deal with it. if he were to just either pay what he owes or take a legal course of action to show that he does not owe, then the calls would stop. yeah, the other alternate would be for me to just get a new number. it's not like i actually know my current one (why would i phone myself?), but i suspect if i did do that then i would just get more calls like this for someone else not me.

here's hoping that Mr Carr gets all of this sorted soon, then, and then i can stop hearing all about it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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