Saturday, March 12, 2016

lucky how?

hey there

yes, look you see, just another post concerning my displeasure and disappointment with my pension fund arrangements. the short version of this is that my most recent retirement funding venture has failed to mature, despite assurances by the financial body i made the investment with that this particular policy was in fact a "lucky" one.

actually, i didn't make this investment. my (considerably) better half did, after i had advised here where exactly one could obtain pension funding policies in England. which is pretty much everywhere outside of, weirdly, churches.

as you can see, the automated brokerage system in place to monitor the administration of my pension fund informs me that i had two "lucky" policy numbers, but further instructed me that this in itself was not sufficient grounds to elect retirement at this stage. i do not, then, understand or comprehend where exactly the luck element comes into this.

do i object to "luck" being a factor in an important financial decision or it being deployed as a means of management and administration? not really. fourteen or so years of working within the financial sector taught me that luck is very much a substantial part of how it all works. you just need that luck to shine on you - from a star of luck it seems - more often than not. not, in this instance, it would seem.

right, then, let me get on with a weekend that will conclude with me returning to verk rather than fleshing out some exciting plans i have for retirement.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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