Saturday, March 26, 2016

strolls with the blinding vibes

hey there

this morning, and indeed for elements of the earliest stages of this afternoon, look you see, i took a stroll around the grounds of the village. this is not uncommon for me, in particular not over a weekend. the stroll i took today, i should mention in passing, was somewhat more pleasant than the one yesterday. this is not so much despite the more inclement weather of today than it is rather because of it; the sun being obscured by clouds meant that a distinctly lower number of townies were about.

as i strolled i was listening to some vibes. yes, i was listening to them on that early edition iPod off of Apple; the one which proved to be most robust and waterproof when tested against a washing machine. what was i listening to, exactly? i had it on "shuffle" mode, for it is called the shuffle model of the device, and so it was a mix or if you like blend of the Cats & Dogs album by Mental As Anything, the Black & White album off of The Stranglers and some remixes of Get Real by Paul Rutherford.

these are, as i dare say you are already aware, cultured as you are, some most splendid vibes of the highest quality. they are so good, as point of fact, that they apparently blinded me to the gesticulations, gestures and waves of a dear old friend that i walked past as i engaged with the vibes.

fortunately, he elected to disturb by vibe engagement by means of a call to my mobile phone device.

for those reading this that had the misfortune to know me in their youth (as opposed to meeting me for the first time in the future, perhaps) and the good fortune to know him, yes, rejoice, for that is indeed Mr Flint, or "Flinty" as he was colloquially and kindly referred to from time to time.

it has been an absolute delight, and one of the best parts of coming home, to catch up with all sorts of people from days gone by. what makes it all more wonderful is that they seem genuinely pleased and delighted to see me; whereas i would not care for myself at all much. it did my heart particular good to see Flinty.

memories? on an academic level i was always a little in awe of him, really. i mean, it would not take much for one to be a better or more apt student than i, certainly, but he always took to matters of education and learning with a far higher sense of confidence ir ability that it felt like i did. whereas i was prone to the "wing it" approach, he tended to do it all properly.

on a far more important level, on more than one occasion Flinty and i went off to that most venerable institution, the Odeon cinema, to watch movies of note. i am pretty sure we went off to see the David Bowie adventure Labyrinth one night after school, and i distinctly - and very fondly - remember going to see Police Academy 3. i very clearly both of us creasing over with laughter in our seats at the bit where Zed (Bobcat Goldthwait) ramped and crashed a motorbike into a flower bed. if i could remember facts and mathematical equations as well as i can remember Police Academy related stuff i would probably have been a much better student.

just what is this picture here? well, i was trimming and shaving my beard, right, and thought i might experiment a bit, see how a moustache worked out. the best way to judge such things, of course, is to take an image of it with the camera on Commodore 64 mode.

no, i haven't let it, beard and moustache all now tripped down to a sensible, Crockett off of Miami Vice level designer stubble. or at least as close to "designer" as i get, really.

under what circumstances was it that Mr Flinty was in my area and could ensure a meeting? that would be mostly classified, but he did tell me he was doing something called "Geocaching". i am not 100% sure what this is, but knowing his academia level is far higher than mine, i am going to assume that it is in some way related to all that "genome" stuff. again, and this should be no surprise, i would not be 100% sure what all thet genome stuff is, but i think it's all blood, DNA and that thing like in those four documentaries where they brought dinosaurs back to life with somewhat serious, mostly predictable but on the whole thoroughly entertaining problems. if i were going to do a really smart project like that, i too would appoint Flinty to do it, as he would be better at it than i would.

anyway, let me get on with the remainder of the evening. and, of course, milk it for all it is worth, since we lose an hour of time tomorrow.

may your weekend thus far been at least as excellent as mine, and then get even better!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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