Sunday, March 20, 2016



well, what can i say, every now and then things continue to happen to me at random, look you see. today was a day that saw some unexpected turns in respect of what i did. one of these, arguably the most notable, came in the form of being chauffeured around for a bit by one of the younger members of the Harlo gang.

that is indeed young Christopher, or if you like young Chris, at the controls of the car. not his car as such; for his usual car had an engine which disgraced itself and displeased him, so that is presently abandoned outside of Bromsgrove or somewhere like that. Norfolk, maybe. yes, i very much do approve of his approach in this respect - insurance is there to be tested and used, not sat untouched. the value you get from a no claims bonus is far less than what they have to pay for a broken car, and breaking a car can be enormous fun.

for what reason was i being driven, or if you like chauffeured around? lunch. i was going to go somewhere in particular for lunch, but the Chris suggested that i might quite like to taste some of the rich, luxuriant and routinely praised cuisine which Acklam has to offer. i agreed, and we are pictured here heading in that direction after a brief pause at Pound Land.

did i enjoy the food which was furnished unto me by Acklam? yes, and no. the meals i obtained were much appreciated and enjoyed by myself and my family. the service, however, was shocking to the point of appalling. i shall not be returning.

how is Chris as a driver? well, he didn't trash an engine whilst i was with him. confident, mostly law abiding and it would seem of more of a mind to enjoy the ways of driving that i do. also, he was most upset by the rubbish what Radio 1 was playing, so on the whole the experience was a sign that this current or if you like incumbent generation are not quite so lost as i feared.

should your weekend, or just your sunday, or life in general, have taken any unexpected turns, then i hope they were quite smart ones.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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