Monday, March 07, 2016

pound pleasure principle

hello there

i would imagine that it is quite safe for me to assume that people, look you see, really only come past this blog on an infrequently regular basis to learn news of two of the greatest institutions of this century thus far, namely Spiros and Pound Land. it is always something of a particular joy, to me at least, then when i can bring you news of the two coming together as such.

well, no. Spiros hasn't actually gone into a Pound Land. to my knowledge they do not even have the stores in London, for £1 is too cheap for anything down there. it's more that i have bought something (things, actually) off of Pound Land and shall be sending them to him.

yes. and no. this does look like Pound Land has started selling that viagra stuff, does it not? also that lady version, which i believe scientifically is called niagra. this would seem to be the most ambitious step yet which Pound Land has taken towards being at the forefront of purchasing decisions for obtaining all things of a sexual nature.

they don't seem to be replacement or knock off viagra things, at least not beyond name and styling. er, not that i have ever seen a viagra pill. the print on them is very small, but from what i can work out the blue one is some sort of ginseng vitamin thing, whereas the pink one makes an ambitious promise to boost fertility.

Spiros is very excited indeed about getting his hands on them. he has come to believe, in light of recent events, that is fairly standard racial profile and his "let there be no doubt about it" sexuality are holding him back. whereas he cannot do all that much about the racial profiling he believes is holding him back, he can very much do something about sexual judgements against him.

it would seem that Spiros, rather like that third rate athlete in America who has used this as an excuse to avoid some questions about a traffic incident, has gotten it into his head that if it is known that he is now actively "transgender", doors will be open for him and he will be celebrated.

to this end, so to speak, the plan Spiros has is to ignore the "take one a day" instructions with these pills. he will be mixing the full medicinal content of both packets into 1 (one) can of cider, and be drinking it. the "transgender" element to all of this presumably comes in when the blue pills and the pink pills use his body as a battlefield to challenge for supremacy.

is the above me, or indeed Spiros, making light of sexuality and not showing respect? no it is not, and quite frankly if you think that your sensitivity levels are so high that you'd best not leave your home, lest the air of the free world outside corrupts and shames you.

how will i be getting these to Spiros? post. there's probably some rule or something which says that you cannot shove medicines in the post, but i seriously doubt there is any medicinal quality to either of these. and if there is, well, sorry for that.

i would imagine the net result of the experiment Spiros is going to do with these tablets will make the news. if not, and he goes ahead with it, i will try to bring you news of how it all goes here!

yeah, i will take a spin past Pound Land again soon, if only to see what the next great item of a quasi sexual nature is that they've found to be of a quality that they can sell at their preferred pricing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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