Wednesday, March 23, 2016

poison girl

hello there

i have something of a hobby. not really a passion, look you see, or something that i am interested in. it's just something that i do on a frequent basis that helps one pass the time of day.

no, not all that Game of Dragons stuff. my hobby, for want of a better term for it, is getting stuff like the Poison Girl envelope you can see in the above picture sent to me. yes, my hobby (of sorts) is filling out forms and that for people that offer to send you free samples and examples of, well, whatever. in this instance i filled out a form for whoever makes this Poison Girl stuff and they duly sent on this sample.

the Dragon Game thing, if you are all that interested, is some series of statues of the rather vile and unpleasant characters off of the show, all "hand painted", presumably by children in a factory in China who are constructively using whatever free "downtime" Apple mistakenly allows them to have.

if this is all in some way feeling familiar, indeed this is not the first time i have written off to a perfume maker and gotten a free perfume sample in return. as recently as October of last year Versace, despite the main one of them being dead, sent me a poor quality sample of their less than satisfactory Eros fragrance.
why bother? i mean, why on earth would i write off for free samples of stuff that i have next to no interest in? mostly, as mentioned, as something to do to pass time. it's also interesting to see how many respond. of, say, ten or so that i complete and send off, maybe two will reply. the perfume ones always do.

also, as you are aware if you're a regular reader, i really like getting things in the post. as so few others use the post as a means of communication, and few of those correspond with me in such a way, this is just a nice, albeit making me seem lonely, way of getting stuff in the post.

does filling out online forms not leave me open to getting spam and sort of unsolicited junk mail that i have, in fairness, given tacit consent to getting? yes, of course. i am, unlike others, something of a grown up, however, and mostly in control of my emotions. as and when i get junk mail or spam that i have no interest in or find particularly displeasing, i simply delete it and move on with my life. it is but the work of a second to delete it, and causes me no pain to do so. miserable twats that file official complaints about "spam" really need to learn how to press delete, how to set the spam filters on their mail to avoid it or otherwise just find something better to do with their lives. like, for instance, sending off for freebies that secures further spam coming their way.

will i be offering any sort of review or comment on Poison Girl? why, yes i will. and, unlike the sorry failures of the Eros fiasco, positive and pleasant things.

both my (considerably) better half and i quite agree that Poison Girl is a really pleasant fragrance. i am not sure what it hints at, or what it is made off of, but it does carry with it a most pleasing on the senses scent. i would suggest that anyone looking at a perfume to buy arrange a sample of this to experience it, for transmitting scent via this blog is not always possible.

i have no idea how or why Camcorder mode video footage of a 1ml perfume sample would work out for you as a viewing experience, but here you go on the off chance that it does.

am i the target market for Poison Girl? no. and yes. but also no. although yes.

no, for i am quite male and possibly a gentleman. us chaps wear aftershave when we are of a mind to smell nice, not perfume. and yes, though, for the purpose of non-lesbian ladies, a part of the art of wearing perfume is to make themselves attractive and appealing to the gentry. but also no, for surely no lady would be so bereft of all hope to be so desperate as to try and make themselves so attractive to me that they would actually spend coins of money to do so. although yes, as a man in his 40s, i think i am of the target market that has a demographic called "pathetic blokes on the cusp of a mid life crisis that will buy this for ladies half their age in the hope of being attractive to them as a consequence".

if i were going to buy a gift for a lady in the form of perfume, it in all likelihood would purchase it only for my (considerably) better half, the only lady i have any wish or desire to impress in such a way, thanks. as she liked the smell, and likes aggressive names like venom and poison and so forth, this would indeed be something that i would get her. 

i don't quite get that branding slogan above. do you? i mean, i am not a girl i am poison sounds like a bit of a problem if you are trying to sell this. if you were, metaphysically or actually, poison, then why on earth would you need to purchase yourself more poison to add to your poison level?

many thanks, then, to Dior, and it would seem Boots, for inviting me into the clandestine, secretive and interesting world of Poison Girl perfume. should the opinion of an in his 40s, overweight and perpetually out of date (although sales suggest i called the James album right) bloke be of value to you, my opinion is that it is a very smart product and a sh!t lot better than what Versace posted me.

another look in Commodore 64 mode? sure, to finish off why not.

right, that's that for perfume reviews. for now, at the least. no doubt i will get chance to write off for a sample of another kind, and no doubt i will write off. actually, or as point of fact, another one might well have arrived today, but i didn't want to cloud the focus of this one.

happy Poison Girl perfume wearing, if you elect to do so.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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