Sunday, March 27, 2016


hello there

this weekend is, of course to be sure, Easter, look you see. a most peculiar holiday in the sense that the majority of atheists, in particular the lippy ones, take it as a holiday instead of insisting on working through it to show the courage of their conviction in their stance. that minority who are vocal about it instead of just getting on with it - you know, the ones which confuse "atheism" with "superior intellect" - say that it's not a "Christian" holiday but a "Pagan" one, and so they are perfectly fine enjoying a long weekend. yes, quite, except they clearly don't quite grasp "pagan" in terms of either Christianity or religion, and it's not marked off as a pagan holiday.

anyway, moving on from that opening that is likely to upset one or two people (sort of sorry for that, mostly learn to be the master of your emotions and find something else to read), it being Easter struck me as being the perfect time to engage in some restitution activities, sort of.

if you are a longstanding reader of this blog with absolutely nothing better to do that remember or recall details; yes. yes indeed, this is my much beloved bedding for Barbs in use once again.  for various reasons, mostly related to moving across the world and storage, this is the first time i have decorated my bed with it in some 29 months. well, i say "my", it is of course the bed of myself and my (considerably) better half. let me not shock you, younger members, but when you are married you get to sleep with a lady.

why now? well, why not? sure, partially it's due to me getting all excited about unpacking stuff off of storage now that i can, but mostly because it is Easter. there is not one finite time of the year where it's better or preferential to think of Barbara Streisand, for we should all think of her all the time, but it is true that she is more forward in thoughts at Easter. so now.

any conventional Easter celebrations on the go? yes, kind of, insofar as the boys had some smart eggs and things for the day today. and they got some money too, which has presently made them wealthier than what i am, but that's beside the by and of little interest to you.

of the eggs that they have got, one of the ones they were most enthusiastic about was a bit of Jurassic World styled branding thing. it's an "excavation set" rather than a conventional chocolate egg, and rather than eating it you short of chip away at the egg in order that you may be able to excavate a dinosaur fossil. well, a plastic representation of a dinosaur fossil, but same thing.

i have been prone to getting quite meta with certain things on this blog of late. i suspect, for i cannot say for certain as it is not my place to do so, that the idea of an egg featuring remnants of a dinosaur being a thing on Easter is one of those "meta" things.

are the eggs any good? yes, i suppose so, if you like making a mess with a chalky sort of rock thing in order that you may extract a plastic dinosaur skeleton which you will look at for a few moments and then discard. and who here among us does not like such things? 

but more of that just now. for now, i imagine you want more of the bedding for Barbs, but you wish to see the restitution of it in the glory of Commodore 64 mode. and here it is.

there are those of you who are mildly interested in why exactly this would be considered bedding of Barbara Streisand and wish to learn more, yet for some reason are not prepared to click on the above link to read on this, or indeed click here to see why it is referred to such is so revered terms. there is no great mystery, it just happens to be bedding of such superior quality that i believe, in my imagination, that it would be bedding that would not displease Barbara.

it has, more than once but thankfully never with any sort of legal ramifications, that in referring to this bedding as being bedding for Barbs, i am creating an image or suggesting that it is the case that Barbs in some way approves of or endorses this bedding, or indeed that it is the case that she has used this bedding herself. to this i can only say i am not at fault for the way people interpret or understand what they read; i can only write what i can write and if that creates confusion for you, well, the problem is yours and not mine. i could, i suppose, send a picture of it to Barbs with a note along the lines of "hi, Barbs, here is my bedding, do you like it?", but i suspect, as was the case the last time i reached out to her, i simply won't get an answer.

i'll just carry on assuming that this is probably the sort of bedding that Barbs might quite like, then.

more dinosaur egg of Easter fun, then. earlier you saw James excavating away, so for the sake of balance and being fair, here you go, here's William taking his on too, and looking quite serious about doing so.

that is indeed my (considerably) better half, diligently assisting as a good parent would, in particular when instruments of a sharp nature are being used.

do i have any Easter eggs on which i may feast myself? no. the lack of them for me has little to do with any sort of beliefs or things and everything to do with the fact that i've not particularly ever been fond of the chocolate they use in Easter eggs. i will stick with a straightforward, no nonsense Mars bar or similar.

but yes, bedding. just what feature or quality is it of this bedding, beyond the elegant and sophisticated pattern and design on it, that makes me believe it is a set which would not displease Barbs? the exotic and exciting use of buttons.

generally, when it comes to buttons in or on bedding, they are limited to acting as a seal to contain a duvet within a duvet cover. in this bedding, as you can see, extra buttons feature on the bedding, forming an attractive and distinctly linear pattern.

what sort of duvet do i put into this bedding? just a conventional one, alas, and probably one which falls far below the standards which you would think you would offer to Barbs. i would like to think that Barbs has each and every feathered critter on earth brought before her and selects from them which feathers she wishes to have placed in the duvet that she uses. i am of a decidedly lower status, and so mine features whatever feathers they shoved into it down at the factory where it got mass produced.

another look at the boys, and indeed my (considerably) better half, excavating away at the Jurassic World branded eggs of Easter before this post draws to a long overdue close? certainly.

right, then, off to enjoy what remains of my Easter sunday, or if you like sunday which happens to be Easter. a shorter day too, to be sure, as the dynamics of daylight saving means that this day is one hour less than the normal prescribed 24 hours. oh yes, it would have been nice if they elected to do that on a working day, say 3 in the afternoon on a Monday, but no matter.

i trust that your weekend has had as much reason for rejoice and merriment as mine.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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