Wednesday, March 09, 2016

deny, deny, deny

howzit oakes

not much bang for your bucks here, look you see, just one of them posts what i do from time to time to let you, the more dedicated reader, know that i am alive and well. well, alive. and an active concern.

this week was the week i got some stuff in the post. two things actually, with one of them something that should have been here last week. i am having a fairly one sided conversation with the sender of that about what does and does not constitute as first class postage, but anyway, let's worry about the other one for now.

i believe the phrase of reference here is "refuge in audacity". let the above be a lesson to you, kids - if you make the denial of something as big, as complex and as official looking as you can, you can certainly get away with anything, whether what you are having to deny is true or false. a convincing appearance is truly all that you cannot leave behind in respect of the art of the denial.

the term "before arrival in the UK" is a subjective one. when does one officially enter UK airspace, for instance? do Royal Mail have someone stationed in space, do they, monitoring and checking the condition of all items which are sent to the Empire? i think not. i would assume that Royal Mail believe that "arrival in the UK" is only achieved when the barrier to their sorting depot is crossed.

what does all that text say? blah blah blah.....we are sorry for the inconvenience....blah blah blah......of course we didn't do this and it's not our fault...blah blah blah....check with the sender if anything is missing...blah blah blah....if there is anything missing the sender will have to pursue a claim in whatever colony or third world sh!thole they sent it from, we cannot compensate...blah blah blah....

as far as we can ascertain there is nothing missing, so no actual harm done, but it's quite condescending this, although it is (i suppose) intended to be helpful.

i was warned not to get too emotional and carried away with how great i thought Royal Mail was when i came back home. people understood i was excited, but suggested that, more often than not, they would f*** me over with delivery any way they could. perhaps this rant is just me being all fully first world again, but i can still recall the abject misery of my last year in Africa, where there was no postal service at all for at least seven (7) of those twelve (12) months.

what was wrong with just having a postal system in which you posted stuff and the person who it was addressed to got it? i mean, i really, really love sending things in the post, and when someone takes the time to post something to me then that's a wonderful feeling.

anyway, until something of interest happens or pops into my head,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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