Tuesday, March 29, 2016

half art


you will be pleased, if not delighted, to learn that little or no point of this blog post pertains to me as such. i will be providing the words, look you see, but as ever these are words you can elect to ignore or simply bypass in order to appreciate the pretty pictures. and, to be sure, i trust that you do appreciate them, or otherwise like what you see.

my (considerably) better half has been hitting the art world once more. after the magnificent triumph of the most smart Bowie portrait, she's been beavering, or if you like painting, away at a few other things. i requested that she might take some pictures so that i can put them here, and she agreed to this.

it does my heart good to see my (considerably) better half once again engaged in painting, or as she calls it painty-doodles, once more. the act of her not doing all that arty stuff is, arguably, as unnatural as the idea of me not writing. or however you want to word that, probably with the negatives removed.

what's that? cut down the writing so you are not distracted from the images? for sure.

my (considerably) better half doesn't actually refer to painting as painty-doodles as such, but she should. that's a smart term that i have just come up with for it, and everyone is welcome to use it, or otherwise make use of it.

two shots of the same painting coming up now, one under the gaze of artificial light and one with an on the whole natural light being cast upon it.

which is which? no idea at all, mate. all i know is that i can see there is a difference between them. one of you clever, informed people who are good at art will know which is which, i expect.

not a lot else i can offer, except to say that i like 'em, and hopefully one or more or all of these paintings have been something which you have found to be pleasing on the eye!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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