Tuesday, March 22, 2016

five days later

hi there

my travels today took me, as they so often do, look you see, past a number of grocers and other such retailers. one of them, surprise surprise, was HMV. whilst i did not transgress their premises or otherwise make a point of entry, i did glance towards their window. yes, with a sense of lament and longing, to be sure, but the focus here should be the glance.

what i saw pleased me some, actually a bit, but also baffled me some. frequent readers may well recall those hedonistic times of saturday, when i spoke of my sadness that HMV were making no effort to promote music on the day of release.

it seems that they do, however, promote music five days after release.

yes, that's right - that is Chaosmosis, the splendid new album by the splendid Primal Scream, being promoted just under the latest volume of Now. sure, you could say that this is sort of a Puppet Show and Spinal Tap arrangement, but any promotion is better than none.

do i for some reason think, with a sense of the entitlement of a millennial, that HMV saw my moans and whines and were prompted to all of a sudden start promoting quality vibes that they had on sale? absolutely not, dear reader. i can only assume that for some reason there was a delay in them getting their posters and that, or perhaps it's just that whilst the world, in its desolate perversity, has elected to release new music on a friday, HMV have elected to promote such as and when it jolly well pleases.

what's that picture of? a rather fetching handbag, featuring an image of The King, Elvis Presley. it was in another grocer that i passed. indeed i am giving serious consideration to purchasing it and walking around with it. this would, after all, be a good excuse to explore my transgender side, for it seems that everyone as point of fact has a transgender side. i don't follow irrelevant news too closely, but my understanding is that some third rate, has been athlete in America recently cited their transgender issues as being reason why they did a drink driving accident murder thing, and they were routinely celebrated and championed as a consequence. by the same logic, then, i will win friends and impress people should i walk around my home whilst brandishing a handbag featuring The King, Elvis Presley.

so, the eventual promotion of Prmal Scream, or just music, by HMV. nice one.

i've had Chaosmosis on in the car since the weekend. i believe it's been played around 4 or maybe 5 times now, and yes indeed it still holds up. but, at the risk of sounding obtuse in light of the above non-transgender elements of this post, Girl At The End Of The World by James was the better of the albums released on the day of release what i wrote of. if i were a record shop, and i made just as much money off one release over the other, i'd be hammering the James record, for i would want my clients to get their ears around a truly exceptional recording. but, yeah, the Primal Scream one is brilliant.

should you have picked up either or both of these recordings, i can only hope you are digging the vibe as much as i am. if you haven't as such as yet, well, off you go - HMV are actively promoting music, so there must be something to it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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