Friday, March 18, 2016

south park hat


yes, yes, a "day" of release post will be coming quite soon, look you see, featuring all of the two albums what were released that i bought today. in that respect, brace yourselves as when that post comes it will feature, unexpectedly, a lot of gushing and fawning all over Girl At The End Of The World by James, for it is one of the finest albums what i have heard.

but first, dear reader, this.

them are, indeed, the four ostensible main characters from the celebrated show South Park in a somewhat embroided (or how every you say produce of embroidery or whatever it is) form. embroided onto what? a rather smart black what i would call Reni hat, but what you might call a bucket hat.

this is a hat which has probably featured on these pages before, but i am not trawling through 12 or so years of my writing to see if that is indeed the case. i just happened to find it as the great unpacking continues and, knowing that most of the world loves the South Park as much as i do, i thought i'd throw some pictures out here.

pictures and, indeed, video in camcorder mode, on the off chance that any of you find the idea of a video of me wearing an ill-fitting (alas) hat an exciting thing to watch.

no, sadly, it doesn't fit me proper - never has. and the label says it is a "one size fits all" one. i guess it is a confirmed fact that i have a big head, then. ha ha.

no, so please don't ask. it's not for sale or to be given away, as smart as the hat is and would probably be something someone wants. William, despite being too young to know what a South Park is, has fallen in love with the characters on the hat and has thus claimed it.

there you go, a picture in the glory of Commodore 64 mode for those of you who wish to see just how ill-fitting it is yet for some reason cannot be bothered to play the video.

William's favourite South Park character? he pointed at the one called Cartman and said he likes the look of him.

my favourite South Park character? for many years it was Cartman, but ever since he came along it was and always will be Butters. and Lemmiwinks is boss.

no, sadly, you are not wrong. as you can see very clearly in this Commodore 64 mode picture, and indeed in the video, i have bloodshot eyes. i have all week, really. it started off with just the left one being that way, but now the right one is too. this, added to my dodgy left knee and my throat issues what got sorted out for the most part with that stuff that absolutely knacks Superman, means that i am having quite the time of it from a medical perspective. Pound Land are, i am happy to say, doing all that they can with their range of no questions asked medication for £1 a go, but alas they have no eye stuff.

i will just assume that it's some sort of infection or other such irritant that will go away by itself. a worst case - doomsday if you like - scenario is that my eyes will eventually explode and all sort of blow up a bit like that part at the end of the original Total Recall movie, only presumably without any sort of requirement for me to be on Mars when it happens. as and when that happens and i make it through the experience, i will let you know once either my bionic eyes or smart braille internet is working.

but never mind that now. you people like South Park hats, here, have another look at it. 

anyway, i am off to listen to this James record some more, and hope that the blurry, watery sort of swelling sensation in my eyes goes away. perhaps the eyes thing is some sort of gypsy curse off of the French because of what i said about their SCART invention. if that is the case, then i am proud to bear the harm of this curse of theirs.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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