Saturday, March 12, 2016

the socks of The King

word up, bloods

i wore some socks today. this is not exactly an unusual occurrence, look you see, and in truth i cannot think of the last day that i did not at some stage have some on. what was different about wearing them today, however, and the reason that i am troubling you with all this, was the kind of socks i was wearing.

behold, for i was wearing socks which bore the image and a lesson off of The King, Elvis Presley

i suppose i could write something here along the lines of a question you cannot answer, such as quite smart, aren't they?, but such a thing would be futile as you cannot answer (unless you leave a comment, and so few do)  and anyway it goes without saying that they are not so much quite smart as they are uber smart as a direct consequence of Him being on them.

origins or provenance of these socks of The King, Elvis Presley? Mr Price, it would seem. and they cost R9.95, no less. i know this because they were still tagged in a storage box and that's what the price sticker said i paid for them. a bargain of note.


as you can see here - sort of, depending on how the google rotates this image off of the apple device - the learning or if you like message from The King, Elvis Presley is off His most excellent oration that is Burning Love, which is all kinds of awesome as a song.

if you are wondering what the day today involved for me other than wearing these smart socks, the answer is all sorts of things. a particular highlight was Spiros sending me images of pages from editions of the Sunday Sport that he was reading. i can only assume that reading such editions was all that Spiros did with the day today, going on how many images he sent.

any particular highlights? well, this dude is one of those rare instances where the subject of a story looks like he might truthfully have been involved in the story, and that it was all real. or something like that, sorry, that last sentence feels all wrong and yet i simply cannot be bothered to fix it.

it's difficult to say anything other than bravo, well done, to that chap. it would take, you would think, some imagination not only to come up with the notion of doing such a thing, but then actually going ahead and doing it and alerting the press to his, for want of a better word, achievement. accomplishment might actually be the better word so wanting there.

a source of frustration for me, and i suspect maybe for you too, is the fact that i can only present images in Commodore 64 mode. there is no application or system that i have yet found which allows me to make video, or if you like moving images, in Commodore 64 mode. we could, however, be quite close to crossing this particular rubicon with an application i found today. here you go, for those of you browsing this on a device that allows for the playback of video on this blog.

indeed i have found an "app" that allows one to make videos as if they were using a most smart 80s VHS camcorder. the above video is nothing too special, just a quick tester of this immense technology. i think i quite like it, and i shall endeavour to use it on an exclusive basis for videos here.

but enough of video, at least for now. you are possibly still here reading this in the hope that there is some more on the socks of The King, Elvis Presley and indeed there is. here you go with an in situ image of one sock; with my left foot being used for obvious reasons. well, Daniel Day Lewis didn't win an award for his right one, did he?

my apologies about the use of the latin language above, by the way. yes, latin in the present day is purely for twats. no one speaks it on a day to day basis, and if i were to walk into a shop and request some bread, or milk even, in latin i would either not get served or might get punched in the face. i just like the term in situ, though, even though it hails from a now redundant language.

so, anyway, there you go - be in no doubt about the socks i wore today. as point of fact i am wearing them as i write this, if that information makes your day better.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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