Tuesday, March 15, 2016

smart business plan

hello there

this post is mostly, look you see, a waste of keystrokes. it has been created, as has so often been the case with these posts of mine, so as to put something or other here, lest anyone who knows of me cares and for some reason uses this blog as a means to verify if not check that i am still a going, if not active, concern.

a thought occurred to me. this does not make me special, for that is the way thoughts channel for everyone. this thought, however, was of a nature of a most smart business plan. smart, yet idiotic. likely to be successful, yet also most probably legally dubious. ethically helpful, yet morally bankrupt.

that sounds exciting, doesn't it? well actually it is a very exciting concept, right up until the point you learn that the idea is in fact one of selling used, or if you like expired, parking tickets to serve as an alibi for those who have had their collar felt by the constabulary.

i seem to have quite a collection of the, for want of a better word, stock for this venture. partially this is from my inability to throw anything out, but mostly it's because i once gave one to William, and he thought it was excellent and so now expects one every day.

the plan? simple. if you're in a spot of bother with the law and have been collared for some sort of crime, being able to produce a parking ticket would help sway a judge or jury you were nowhere near the place where you are accused of being naughty.

the flaws? there are several, or if you like many. off the top of my head :

- "limited" market. as in "your honour, i did not shoot them people in the Bronx, or do that bank robbery in Melbourne, for as you can see i was in Middlesbrough after parking my car at one of their many snazzy and attractive car parking facilities" is unlikely to work all that well.

- as it's equally unlikely that the police would ever arrest the wrong person for a crime, it is in fact highly likely that you are providing an alibi to the guilty.

- how do you value them? i mean, would used parking tickets be sold at face value, sold on the basis of the date or sold on the basis of how serious the crime was that the alibi was needed for?

- i would imagine that there's a term & condition somewhere that says you cannot go around selling parking tickets you have used, and i am positive that there's some sort of law which says you are not allowed to provide an alibi for money, even if you have a parking ticket to show that it wasn't you what sold the alibi.

there are a few creases to iron out, then. Spiros will read this, however, and sort it out. Spiros, when not drinking or fighting or meeting men, is after all the greatest legal mind of this or any generation. presently he is engaged in the creation of an intercompany agreement. it's purpose is to allow  a company to sue itself should things go wrong. this allows the company to tie itself up in years of litigation, thus preventing any customers, clients, suppliers or anyone else being able to take them on in the courts. quite brilliant. once he's done with that, i am sure he will knock this business idea into shape.

that said, if anyone reading this thinks that they can turn it into a winner, go right ahead. i am not going to complain about you pinching the idea - after all you will have a parking ticket which proves that you didn't steal the idea when it got nicked, you were somewhere else.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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