Thursday, March 03, 2016

on eating dragon eggs

hi there

yes indeed, look you see, i know that the title of this post is pretty emotive. well, it's an emotive subject, whatever emotive actually means, and so something would be deeply, deeply amiss, dear reader, if the title did not reflect the substance. or vice versa.

behold, then, dragon eggs. i know some of you will have doubts that such a thing exists - least of all in a sense of being freely available for £1 a packet - but i would like to think that i am qualified to at least sound like i know what i am talking about.

quite amazing aren't they? you'd be forgiven for looking at them and going "cooo" or "ooooooo" or "aaaah" or something nancy boy like that.

what truly makes these dragon eggs, or maybe dinosaur eggs, all the more remarkable is that you can get them from Pound Land, for £1 a bag. that's a bag full of dragon eggs for a quid! granted, the marketing is a little unconventional - marking the bag as "peanuts coated in seaweed", storing them in the lavish luxury peanut section - but that's probably to put people off buying loads of them and trying to hatch them.

how do they taste? quite nice, really. very much like peanuts, as it happens. not just any peanuts, though - coated ones, and ones coated in the gift of the sea at that.

exactly how certain am i that these are dragon eggs? very certain. a few years ago i saw a documentary which featured, along with midget sex addicts, big massive ice warriors and a religion based predominantly on decapitation, dragon eggs. they showed the lady who is regarded as the mother of dragons, right, and gave this dead smart presentation of how she hatched the eggs. she did it naked, which sounds kind of exciting but some exposure is of course necessary in giving birth. anyway, the ones that she hatched looked like these, only they were bigger.

these are probably baby dragon eggs, then. if indeed they are dragon eggs. i do know that they are exceptionally tasty, at the least.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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